Blending fall trends into the uniform

Blending some serious fashion with some serious dress code seamlessly.

Georgia Oldham

For me, the school days blend together when it comes to style. I can’t blame Ann Richards- the plaid skirt and polo/oxford pairing is a classic standby, but it often doesn’t leave much room for style experimentation or the season’s latest trends.

This season though, things are taking a positive turn for style starved students in uniform- fall trends are giving us more wiggle room then ever before. So, here’s what you can do to help work this season’s fads into a super cool look thats still in uniform:

Trend #1: Witty Knits

This fall, we’re going to be seeing tons of knits- knit scarfs, knit jackets, knit socks, knit leggings, even knit pants. Nothing is too ‘knit’. This is great for us, because while we’ve been rocking the knit black sweater for a while, now we can branch out to more knitted black. Yee-haw! We saw it at Marc Jacobs, Celine, Paul Smith, and Stella McCartney. Knitty and certainly not gritty- opt for cleaner wool/cashmere, or try cable knits and fair isle (aspen chique is also a minor trend for fall).

Kimberly Olea (11) sports a knit sweater during chemistry class.
Kimberly Olea (11) sports a knit sweater during chemistry class.

Trend #2: Swinging 60s

I feel like 60s style has been on trend for ages, but who can complain? It never gets any less groovy, and this fall is no exception. I’m guessing all the designers enjoy watching Madmen together on Netflix because we’re going to be seeing visions of the 60s in everything from mini skirts to crazy prints to knee-high boots. This one is a little harder to work into the uniform, but certainly do-able. Try working in graphic bags, printed socks where you can, black velvet jackets (velvet was another minor trend for fall) and mary-janes to your uniform.

Trend #3: Oversize Me

No one likes to be swallowed up by their clothes, but this fall big name designers like Alexander McQueen and Sacai are certainly edging us towards that direction. This is no problem for us ARS girls though- try tastfully sizing up your black sweaters, jackets, and coats (please though, keep your shoes fitting snugly).

Trend #4: Muppet-y

Yes, you read that right, this fall we’re going to be seeing a lot of muppet-esque looks (thanks Prada, MSGM, and Tom Ford). Don’t freak out (or get too excited), there’s lots of ways to make the furry/feathery muppet look totally cool and plenty chic. To tune into this more outlandish trend perfectly, try to find fuzzy black coats and jackets that will take your look from ‘ehhh’ to ‘oh yeah’ in seconds.

Trend #5: Turtling in Turtle Necks

This fall please don’t turtle (the administration will get upset), but do wear turtle necks. They were all over runways (Phillip Lim, Chanel, Helmut Lang, Thakoon, Orla Kiely), and will provide the perfect sophisticated touch to any school girl’s ensemble. If you want to go more extreme, I’m all for it- some turtle necks on the catwalks looked more like socks for our heads, which I’ll admit, would be pretty cozy. Still, I’m an advocate for chaneling Audrey Hepburn in a classic, slim black turtle neck… or you could go oversized to tap into our #3 trend.
Knit, over sized, and turtle neck- Stella McCartney hit many trends on the 2014 fall runway.

Trend #6: Sneaky Sneakers

Sneakers have slid onto our fashion radar once again- Ahh, sneakers, you’re too sneaky- but I couldn’t be more thrilled for all of us. They are easy to find and totally in dress code (provided they are black or white), and during P.E or sports, you can rock any color, shape, or look you want. Designers (Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Edun) have issued their decree; sneakers are the footwear of the moment, so I say lets take it and run– literally.

The great thing about a lot of these fall trends is that so many of them are recycled styles- save money by finding them at goodwill (its like old turtle neck heaven), buffalo exchange, or a thrift store. On the flip side, if you feel like making an investment you can find some really nice versions of all of these trends (Madewell has this classic sweater that comes in black, and these sneakers that you can change the color of are pretty sharp, so are these).

Plus, don’t let these suggestions limit you- get creative, break the rules (well, I mean, the fashion rules, not dress code), and come up with your own fresh trends for fall. Fashion is all about identity, and with a uniform we just get to think even more outside of the box (or should I say platform).