Volleyball team keeps title as district champs

Lupita Galvan, Staff Writer

The  JV and Varsity volleyball teams kept their title as top district team after playing against the other top contender, the Bastrop Bears.

“[I was] so excited. We are still district champs half way through the season,” said Sofia Hruby, senior and co-captain of the ARS varsity team.

Two of the three ARS teams won against the Bears: Junior Varsity and Varsity. The freshman team lost.



The Freshman team listens to game tips from Coach Juan-Carlos Ruiz during a time out. The Freshman team has won all of their games except for two; Against the McCallum Lady Knights, and the Bastrop Bears. Photo by Lupita Galvan

The ARS Freshman team played to three sets. ARS won the first set. Bastrop won the second set.

“I felt excited. I was thinking, in my mind, that we could come back,” said Araceli Rodriguez, freshman and setter of the ARS freshman team.

Each team scored by increments of 1 point in the third set, until Bastrop pulled up to beat ARS, 27-25.

“[I felt] sad,” said Rodriguez. “I really wanted to win. They are a great team, and I thought we had a chance.”

Near the end, the refs called the ball out on the Bastrop side after a serve from the ARS team. The controversy, whether or not the Bastrop team had brushed the ball as it passed over the line.

“[I was] angry, kinda frustrated,” said Delilah Abascal, a freshman on the team. “I felt like the ref cheated us on some points.”

When asked about what she could have done differently in the game, Rodriguez said, “I played better than usual, but usually we have two setters. I had to be the setter the whole time; I guess I wasn’t used to that.”


Junior Varsity

The JV team finishes their time-out with their chant. The JV team has not lost a game all season and have only gone to three sets with one team: The Bastrop Bears. Photo by Lupita Galvan

The Junior Varsity teams went to 3 sets as well. ARS won the first set, while Bastrop won the second set.

“The other team was having difficulties and it threw us off,” said Chandler Linseisen, sophomore and player for the ARS JV team. “[I was] disappointed, I knew we could’ve won [the second game].”

When asked how she felt about having to go to a third game, Mikayla Neumeyer, sophomore and player for the ARS JV team, said “I was really excited. I already had faith in my team that we were gonna win,” Neumeyer said. “I’m not the type of person to be down because we lost. I never doubted that we were gonna win.”

The third game went back and forth, until there was one point left, 24-23. It was the Stars’ ball, and Linseisen was up to serve. She said she already had a plan.

“I was like, ‘I’m gonna do an ace,’” said Linseisen.

Once the ball was up,  the ball to flew towards the out line on the Bastrop side. It was unclear to the crowd whether it was in or out. Then, the line guard made the call.

“[The line guard] almost counted it out, but when she called it in I thought, ‘it’s a blessing!” said Linseisen.

The JV team maintained their title as first in the district halfway through the season.

“I knew it was gonna be a struggle, but I also knew we were gonna win,” said Karina Ruiz, junior and setter for the ARS JV team.

When asked about how she felt once she knew they had won against the Bears, Ruiz said “Woo! Pumped. Excited.”



The Varsity team enters the gym from the locker rooms, and cheer in the center of their side of the court. The team has gone to five games against two other schools: The McCallum Lady Knights, and the Crockett Lady Cougars. Photo by Meredith Oldham

Both of the Bears and the Stars have won all of their games so far in the season. Bastrop and ARS were in different classes the previous year, and had never played against each other, until Friday. Now the two teams were against each other.

The first set was won by the Stars, and so was the second. In order for the ARS varsity team to win the whole game, they had to win three sets.

“I didn’t believe it was happening,” said Alexys Garza, co-captain of the ARS varsity team.

When asked what was going through her head as the Stars’ fans in the stands were standing up, holding up one finger to signify the last point, Hruby said “I knew that we had it in the bag, I also knew that we would get the next point, and if we didn’t, we would go on and get the next two [points to win].”

Once the ball was up, Bastrop attempted to pick it up with a bump, and lost control, causing the ball to fly out of bounds. The ARS crowd erupted into cheers after the winning point was made.

“Once we won that’s when I felt it,” said Garza. “It made me feel a whole lot better.”

The game had ended, and Bastrop losing in three sets is a first.

“We were the first team to beat them real quick, in three [sets],” said Garza.

The Varsity team being moved to the same class as the Bears had caused problems.

“I was really happy. Bastrop didn’t want us in their district and it was because they knew that we were gonna beat them.” said Hruby.

The varsity team had kept their title as district champs, halfway through their season.

“I was proud of us, and how far we’ve progressed since day one,” said Hruby.

The Varsity coach, Maura Cosgrove, said she was confident, and expressed her “post-win” feelings.

“I knew we were gonna win,” said Cosgrove. “I’m so proud of the girls, they deserve it.”