Seniors say they feel stress about Senior Year

Seniors actively work on assignments during AP Environmental Science.

Seniors actively work on assignments during AP Environmental Science.

Maya Nunez, Staff Writer

It’s just one month into the school year Ann Richards seniors say they struggle to keep up with large amounts of homework, AP classes, and the task of applying to colleges.

“A lot of people say that senior is easy and the only stressful part about it is college applications,” said senior Delaney Sparks.

“On top of college applications I have Varsity volleyball, all my classes, and other things which take up a lot,” said Sparks.

At Ann Richards School the mission statement highlights attending and graduating college, however compared to others schools seniors say that at Ann Richards they deal with classes and extra activities. However, senior students say they still feel prepared for what college brings. 

“I definitely feel prepared for college and something new. The Ann Richards School has given me great work ethic,” said senior Sara Espinosa, who is currently in the process of applying to Stanford, UT, and Rice. 

Senior year isn’t just about just about school work and applying to college. After college applications are done and submitted, they plan to have fun and have a great year together, before saying goodbye to a school many seniors have been at for 6 years.

“I am excited to explore and expand my horizons after high school, and once apps are done I am also looking forward to making lasting memories,” said Sparks, who plans to attend school in California. 

Seniors will continue to work hard in school, towards their college goals, and have a great last year in the process.

“This school is very challenging, however at the end of this year I can look back and see it was all worth it,” said Yulisa Garcia, senior.