Students join the skate club

Maria Martinez, Staff Writter

As part of a new club, students learned how to skate in the small gym Thursday afternoon.

“The  skating club is for anyone sixth grade through twelfth grade,” Sadie Brown, former co-captain of the roller derby team, said. “Anyone can do it and you don’t have to have any experience needed and it’s something anyone can do or if they want to expand their skating experience.”

Experience skaters helped new skaters guiding them through their first experience.

“Mr. Soden his been with roller derby through out the whole time and even if he wasn’t the coach his been helping” said, Brown  “He is actually the one that taught me how to skate and so now I get to teach other people which is pretty cool”

Brown helping sixth grade sister. Brown has been skating for five years.
Brown helping sixth grade sister. Brown has been skating for five years.

The students new to skating fell down and got back up but in the other hand there were a couple of students that just  wanted to improve their skills.

” There was a point to where I got confused and fell on my butt and I was like great” said Gabby Kyttle, a student who was practicing her skating skills and fell down during practice.

The students that have  been skating for a long time started to practice again to get ready for roller derby which is coming soon.

” I’ve been skating since the middle of eighth grade so that’s a few years” said Cristina Trevino  ” I needed something to do and I was having  issues with people at the time and it help me relief my stress and stuff so I started skating ”

Overall the new students got to experience was skating is all about and the other students got to practice.

“I think it’s gonna be nice to have more kids join” said, Trevino. “Children falling all over the place but that one of the first lessons you learn, you learn how to fall which I think is a good lesson in life”