Meet the 9th Grade Mascot: Billy Bob the Bear

Freshman of the Ann Richards School now have a mascot from Build-a-Bear Workshop.

Rebecca Alonso, Staff Writer

Kris Waugh, the high school assistant principal of Ann Richards announced to the Freshman that they will have a mascot: a stuffed bear.

The mascot would be given to a new person every day who went beyond and did something special that should be noticed, and each person who received the bear would give it to another person. 

“I think it’s really cool, you know, to pass around the bear,” said Giani Bright. “It’s like passing around compliments, and just pointing out everyone’s good deeds.”

The bear’s name is Billy Bob, named by its first winner, Julie Bonney.

“It needed to have a really cool name,” Said Bonney, “So I was like ‘Billy’, and then people were like ‘Bob!’, and I was like ‘how about Billy Bob?’ so I named him Billy Bob, and his last name is Joe, so he’s Billy Bob Joe. Nobody knows his last name though.”

“[It’s like] recognizing what other people do and maybe it gives you ideas or something of what you can do in the world to make someone smile,” Michelle De Leon said about others receiving the bear.

Billy Bob with Claire Lungwitz's pig. Lungwitz handles his Instagram account which is @billybobthebear
Billy Bob poses with Claire Lungwitz’s pig. Lungwitz handles his Instagram account which is @billybobthebear


The ninth graders seem to like the fact that it’s an only 9th grade tradition.

“It makes the ninth graders feel special,” Rebecca Lopez, who currently has the bear, said.

The bear will continue being passed on to others every day for the rest of the school year. Students said they like owning him for the day.

“I think it’s really cool, because you have this blue bear, and he’s just like, chill and he doesn’t say anything,” said Bonney.