Vice Principal Waugh sponsors Warrior Cat Club

Willa Smith, Staff writer

Vice principal assumes the role of sponsor for the Warrior Cat Club, a two year old club centering around the book series, Warriors.

Warrior Cats Club leaders Helena Weatherford (7) on  and Karen Cramer (9) showing VP Waugh Warrior Cats Series map at meeting last Tuesday.
Warrior Cats Club members Helena Weatherford (left) and Karen Kramer (right) show VP Waugh the Warrior Cats series map at a meeting last Tuesday.

“We went to Ms. Waugh and were just like, ‘Do you want to sponsor our club? It’s called Warriors Club,’ said Karen Kramer (9), the group’s main leader.

The group had lost their previous sponsor, 6th grade English teacher Alison Rice and were searching for another one when Journalism teacher Sarah Walker suggested Waugh. “And then we told her about the books and we got her the first book.”

Last Tuesday was the club’s first meeting with Waugh, and they dedicated the first part of the meeting to explaining the series and the club’s purpose to their new sponsor. They also gave Waugh her Warrior cat name, just like each of the members do, selecting Bluestar. Bluestar is “wise, kind, beloved, and strong” according to the Warrior series website.

“She announced to the faculty actually that she is very excited that she has been named ‘Bluestar’ in the club, which is apparently quite an honor,” said Middle School Vice Principal Anah Wiersema.

This year the club will be working on a number of projects, including a possible book written by the club based on the Warriors series, as well as a movie which they began last year, in addition to their regular agenda of scavenger hunts, discussion of the books, and a couple of parties throughout the year. But Kramer’s main goal as of right now is the movie and to gain more members.

“We’ve only started the movie, so my main goal is to finish it this year, [but] I don’t know if that’ll happen because that could take a while. And also to get more members.”

Waugh listens to members discuss usual activities during meeting on Tuesday.
Waugh listens to members discuss usual activities during meeting on Tuesday.

Wiersema shed some light on some of the plans for recruitment and Waugh’s plans concerning the series, which Waugh is starting.

“She is going to be reading the books – all fifty of them, she’s committed to that,” said Wiersema.

During the meeting Tuesday, the cat ears were one of the methods of recruiting discussed.

“They’re going to be recruiting, so they’d really like the club to grow. The club is also working on some cat tag necklaces because cat ears are not in dress code,” said Wiersema.

Waugh says she is excited to be the new sponsor and to learn more about the Warriors series.

“I think it’s going to be a new experience for myself and a new adventure to travel to and find more about cats…I was given the name of Blue Star, the leader of all the cats, so I’m super excited about that.”

The club meets on Tuesdays after school in the library and is looking for new members of any age, so get in touch with Karen Cramer if you’re interested in joining.