Ann Richards Varsity Volleyball team starts season

Lupita Galvan, Staff Writter

The Ann Richards School Varsity Volleyball team started their new season with their first district game last Tuesday, August 26th, versus Travis High School.

“I’m so excited,” said Maura Cosgrove, coach of the Ann Richards Varsity volleyball team.  “I’ve been looking forward to this season since the last season ended.”

Cosgrove’s Varsity team won the 4A District Champions Title at the end of last year’s season in 2013. And this year they plan to go further than they did last year.

“We’ve only lost one senior and we’ve added six starters,” said Cosgrove. “Our team is stronger and better than they were at the end of the last season.”

The Ann Richards Varsity volleyball team shakes hands with the LBJ/LASA varsity volleyball team before their game. The team has three captains, Sierra Melomo (11), Alexys Garza (12) and Sofia Hruby (12). Photo by Damita Williams

The volleyball team has changed their tactics from the previous year.

“I’m increasing my toughness, maybe a little,” said Cosgrove. “And we are using more strategies.”

However, the team’s strategies aren’t the only things that have changed this year.

“We have a new cheer to start the game off,” said Sierra Melomo, junior and one of the three varsity team captains. “We jump from side to side while yelling, ‘Yeet!’.”

The team, before going on the court, do a habitual pre-game ritual that consisted of a game, “Little Sally Walker” or “Jiggelo,” and dancing. This year, they have added more to the ritual.

“[We do] a little bit of handstands, and some parkour,” said Ally Reznicek, junior.

The Ann Richards Varsity volleyball team gets ready before their game. The team has a different pre-game song and dance before each game, depending on what they feel will “pump them up more.” Photo by Damita Williams

The ARS Varsity volleyball team has played two games in their district; one against the Travis Highschool volleyball team and LBJ/LASA Highschool volleyball team, and have won both games. Their next game is Friday, September 5th at McCallum Highschool.

“Well, McCallum is our rival,” said Reznicek. “But I’ve seen Bastrop play, and they’re pretty good.”

This past year, the Ann Richards school was moved up to Division 5A. This means they’re up against two more schools: Bastrop and Cedar Creek.

When asked how she felt about the newly added teams this year, Melomo said, “We will beat them. I know Bastrop is pretty good, but we’ll beat them.”