Geniuses in the making: ARS amps up tutoring

Geniuses in the making: ARS amps up tutoring

NHS Member Asha Mani (11) helps Brenda Auila (8) with math homework. Mani was the designated tutor for Genius Hour February 16 and helped many Homework Haven regulars with math assignments. 

Genius Hour and the Writing Lab are two new tutoring programs at ARS that have been introduced this year. NHS has started the Genius Hour to help middle schoolers in core classes, and the Writing Lab is providing consultations for both middle school and high school students to help improve their writing. Tutors for both programs are ARS students who want to build bonds of sisterhood and encourage academic success.

Senior Shara Henderson worked with High School Principal Kris Waugh and english and journalism teacher Sarah Walker to organize the Writing Lab. Students seeking an editor and suggestions for their writing can schedule a consultation with one of the senior or junior consultants on the ARS Writing Lab website. Consultations will take place in the Journalism Lab (J-Lab) where consultants are ready to review everything from poems to lab reports to resumes.

“People don’t have to come in with every assignment they get, but I want to be able help people get the grade they want on assignments and develop their writing skills so they can improve before they move on to college,” Henderson said, explaining the goal of the Writing Lab.

An elective class for upperclassmen consultants will be available next year to make sure quality consultations from capable student writers who have experience tutoring are available. For now, prospective students consultants can fill out an application on the Writing Lab website.

The Genius Hour is another new tutoring addition to Ann Richards. NHS President and senior Maya Nunez took the lead on organizing the Genius Hour after Waugh read about its success in other project based schools like Ann Richards. The ARS Genius Hour is held after school in the library where tutors for each core class are available to help middle schoolers with homework and projects. Tutors for Genius Hour are NHS members who earn service hours for every tutoring session.

Waugh hopes that making tutoring more accessible will help students improve academically and bring high schoolers and middle schoolers together.

“I think it’s a really wonderful way to help with sisterhood. It’s purposeful,” Waugh said. “Sometimes when you are struggling with something academically it’s really great to hear it from another student, or someone closer in your age than hearing it from your teacher again.”