Opinions in limbo: Seniors and sixth graders reflect on yoga and Fitness Friday


Middle schoolers run around during Fitness Friday.

Sammie Seamon, Staff Writer

Middle schoolers run around during Fitness Friday. Photo by Emily Perez.

We all know that one person who loves enjoying the serene environment of yoga once a week and being in the sunlight every Friday. But, we also know the person who wishes with all of their being that neither of these activities were in their life. It’s common belief that different grade levels think differently about yoga and Fitness Friday, so I decided to ask the two extremes; sixth graders and seniors.

For most people, yoga is a time to reflect upon the week and relax for half an hour. It can slow down a day, or release some stress.

“It’s a time when you’re forced to slow down and everyone’s quiet, and you kind of have your own thoughts to yourself,” senior Ally Reznicek said.

But on the other hand, Reznicek believes that yoga should be optional to coincide better with the busy schedule of an ARS student.

“There are some days when you just have so much work that… I don’t want to say it’s a waste of time but you can spend your time doing something more productive. When it fits in my schedule I appreciate it more.”

Other seniors have similar views, but don’t mind doing yoga because it only takes half an hour out of their week.

“I feel like some people exaggerate on how horrible [yoga] is, it’s actually pretty peaceful after a long day, like I have it after gym sometimes and it’s nice to cool down and relax,” senior Helen Onuorah said.

Onuorah also enjoys the opportunity to lead a yoga class in front of her peers, and thinks having other seniors lead her makes yoga more fun and creative.

Several sixth graders I interviewed said that the majority of their grade is honestly bored with yoga, and don’t especially enjoy it at least right now.

“Everybody groans when we remember that it’s Monday,” sixth grader Kenji Aragruz said. But Aragruz still believes that it is a good use of time. “I think it is [a valuable use of time] but many people don’t see it. You get to stretch and relax after a long first half of the day.”

On the topic of Fitness Friday, the sixth grade lunch group seemed to agree that they enjoy it as a part of their week, whereas the seniors didn’t state an opinion, saying that they didn’t attend often as they have a busier schedule and heavy work load.

“It’s fun because we get to run around, you get to come out here with your friends and run around and then at least you get to run outside rather than inside,” sixth grader Maria Martinez said.

Aragruz had similar thoughts. “We get to go outside and we get to walk around with our friends and play games and sports. Everybody needs to go outside everyday to get sunlight and exercise.

As a ninth grader, someone in the middle ground between sixth and twelfth grade, I truly enjoy yoga and appreciate getting to relax and stretch out tense muscles. In yoga, once I got past focusing on the people around me and more on myself, I began to value the time a lot more.

When I was younger I used to detest Fitness Friday believing that there was little point in participating, but I have grown to appreciate going outside with friends and enjoying a little sunlight after being inside the whole week.

I can’t deny that at times I would much rather be cutting down on the homework load for the night, or working on a large paper or project instead to participating in yoga and Fitness Friday. But all in all, these activities are designed to give some attention to our own emotional and physical needs, whether we like it or not.