Students Show Appreciation, Wash Teacher Cars

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” We should have a student appreciation week,” said one six grader as she washed a teacher’s car.

For teacher appreciation week the Student Council hosted the first ever teacher appreciation car wash. Teachers moved their cars to the west parking lot, and were treated to a complementary car wash.

Students had mixed reactions.  Wendy Rodriguez said, “I’m here because I’m part of student council. I feel like I should be part of the events, and it’s for a great cause as well; it’s for the teachers who help us  prepare for various things.”

While Johanna Lechuga stated, “Cars are dirtier than they appear,” and, “Yeah it’s really gross; with one scrub the water’s black.”

The appreciation from teachers was expressed in different ways. Some were overwhelmed with gratitude and drove away happily in their now clean cars. Some simply moved their cars to get washed and take advantage of the opportunity. Others pointed out how dirty some cars still were saying “Come on ladies at least spray it with the hose.”

It’s still uncertain if this will become a new ARS tradition, but thanks to soapy water, student volunteers, a little elbow grease, and the now clean cars, this won’t soon be forgotten.

*Go to Instagram and Twitter to see photos from this event*