Student Council Elections: Summary of Candidates



Student Body Prez:

Alexis Taylor:


  1. Wants the school to be student governed
  2. Wants to be with us and help us for the journey ahead

“It always seems impossible ’til it’s done.”

Toni Akunebu:


  1. Encourages “outside the box” thinking
  2. Wants the school to connected
  3. Wants new traditions

Student Body VP:

Georgia Hernandez:


  1. Promises to communicate with everyone
  2. Wants clubs to be recognized


Guiny Thomas:


  1. Thinks our school could be even better
  2. Will listen, care and take action
  3. Won’t be cheap like Mr. Crabs

7th Grade VP:

Elizabeth Mendez:


  1. Wants to change club for students
  2. Positive and caring
  3. Excited and motivated

Desiree Santander:


  1. Wants to make a difference
  2. Wants to help make the mission statement more of our everyday lives
  3. Wants to offer help with school work

Nicole Gonzales:


  1. Believes that she is a “take charge” kind of person
  2. Responsible, no fear to stand up
  3. Values creativity

“If your in charge you’re on top, but when your at the bottom you can’t see the top.”

Esmeralda Aguilar:


  1. Positive leadership skills
  2. Time management
  3. Productive idea

“Can’t be superwomen, but together we can.”

7th Grade Prez:

M.E. Powell:


  1. Had a great time representing in 6th grade
  2. Previously was in office

“I’m a big believer in change. It is needed to keep this great school on track.”

Katherine Owenby:


  1. Make change, improvement (not perfection)
  2. Air fresheners in bathrooms
  3. Will listen to ideas

Ilianna Nanyez:


  1. Wants to help everyone that needs it
  2. More supplies
  3. Raise more money

“Impossible for a plain little pumpkin to turn into a carriage.”

8th Grade Rep:

Priscila  Samaniego-Marin:


  1. Interact with everyone
  2. Wants everyone to be happy with their events

8th Grade VP:

Candace Castillo:


  1. Great leader: nice and respectful
  2. Helpful and talented
  3. Wants to make 8th grade cool and fun

Karla Rodriquez:


  1. Wants to be more involved with school
  2. Wants to take action
  3. Great leader

Avery Reeves:


  1. Will listen and help everyone
  2. Friendly, supportive
  3. Wants to have a close community of sisters

8th Grade Prez:

Lily Meyers:


  1. Wants to make 8th grade the best year
  2. Will make school fun and beneficial
  3. Will give help to peers with homework and advice

9th Grade Rep:

Julie Apagya-Bonney:


  1. Excited for upcoming year

9th Grade VP:

Georgia Moore:


  1. Keeps student council organized
  2. Can communicate with class
  3. Member of NJHS

“Proud to represent 8th grade class.”

Ishajanek Overton:


  1. Determined
  2. Wants to continue Pennies 4 Patients
  3. Wants to make schools fun and unforgettable

9th Grade Prez:

Keira Neal:


  1. Will speak her mind
  2. Wants to make student council improvements
  3. Desires to make school events more fun and interesting

“Your ideas will be heard and listened to.”

Jackie Galvan:


  1. Wants 8th graders ideas heard

“Wants the first year of HS to be fun.”

Emily Weaver:


  1. Responsible
  2. Wants 9th grade year to be the best
  3. Wants a dance planning committee

“If I say I’ll do something, I’ll do it.”

10th Grade VP:

Chandler Linseisen:


  1. Thinks we should cherish school
  2. We should be the change we wish to see

10th Grade Prez:

Wendy Rodriguez:


  1. Incorporate class ideas
  2. We’re all in this together
  3. Wants everyone to feel appreciated

Elena Gonzalez:


  1. Improve communication
  2. Wants everyone to be happy
  3. Improve involvement

“I’m short, I love food, I’m really chill and open-minded.”

11th Rep:

Lucy Saucedo:


  1. Will enhance communication
  2. Hardheaded (in a positive way)

Sarah Bustos:


  1. Wants to set up a twitter account

” I cant’ represent you, if you can’t represent yourself first.”

Maria Martinez:


  1. All ideas are good ideas, and they should be heard
  2. Loyal and trustworthy

Itzel Ruiz:


  1. Persistent

“After five years of can toss at Envirofair, I think we all need change.”

11th Grade VP:

Lupita Galvan:


  1. Can help you, if you help her
  2. Will stand on figurative tables for us

Bethany Salazar:


  1. Has a strong determination to succeed
  2. The school has changed her in so many ways

11th Grade Prez:

Rachel Wright:


  1. Very empathetic
  2. Responsible

“We need to push away our fears and be brilliant.”

Helen Onuorah:


  1. Wants the best for junior class
  2. Thinks we deserve rewards for our hard work

Perla Grimaldo-Ramirez:


  1. Doesn’t want us to get too caught up on SAT’s or ACT’s
  2. Will make sure you opinions and thoughts are heard.

“Beyonce WILL visit our school next year.”

Senior Rep:

Jada Washington:


“It’s a really hard decision for you to pick me.”

Senior VP:

Isha Patel:


  1. Wants change at ARS
  2. Class shirts and senior gifts
  3. Wants a fantastic prom

Senior Prez:

Eliza Martin:


  1. Senior Prank
  2. A more organized powder puff game

“We want to be the best senior class at ARS.”