The New Student Orientation

Lina Breining

New places can be scary, intimidating, and even frightening. Especially when there are new people, and not many of them that you know. So many new students, such a big new building, and new teachers? Well, today, all the incoming sixth graders came to ARS for the first time for orientation. Ms. Goka talked to them about the school, and then they were interviewed by older students and teachers.


Some of the words that the 6th graders used to describe how they felt about coming to ARS are: great, inspiration, challenging, joy, excited, and meeting new friends.


“I’m really looking forward to having over one teacher.” Says incoming 6th grader Madeline Cazares. “I think that’s really cool.” Madeline is also excited to join Band. Another new 6th grader, Laura Hernandez, is looking forward to playing sports. “I want to play soccer,” says Laura when asked what she is looking forward to.


We will have the pleasure of meeting all the new and enthusiastic sixth graders soon.

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