The Talent Show


By Lina Breining and Elena Gonzalez


On March 21, 2014, our school had our Annual Follies Talent Show. There was singing, dancing, guitar playing, instrumentals, and even a monologue, which is pretty cool.  In total, there were 23 acts, which is a huge improvement from last year.


Five awards were given, and all of the audience members voted at the end of the show. The first award was for the Best Dancer, and was awarded to Taelor Andrews, who danced amazingly to End of Time by Beyoncé. The second award was for Best Vocalist, awarded to Lestle Soto, who sang while playing the guitar A Trophy Father’s Son by Sleeping With Sirens. “Most Creative” was won by Abigail Lerma, who did sign language to the song Roar by Katy Perry. Best Act was given to Karen Cramer and Lina Breining, who played a violin/piano duet from Frozen, Let it Go. There was also a Special Award, which was given to Guiny and Isabella Thomas, who sang Everything’s Okay, by Lenka.
Everyone who preformed had to audition, and worked very hard in order to put on this show. This took lots of time and commitment, which paid off, because it was a great show. Congratulations to everyone who performed! And thank you to Mrs. Jardine for organizing this show, and giving us all an amazing opportunity.