Hope, Dream, Succeed: Episode 2- Will you count me in?

Lina Breining and Elena Gonzalez, Editors

“My mom asked me to do it because she said it was good for expanding my range: I usually sing in a higher key,” says ninth grader Kassandra Arana.


Kassandra Arana will be playing her acoustic-electric guitar while singing her own rendition song Bubbly by Colbie Caillat for the 2014 follies. However, her mother’s wishes and suggestions aren’t the only thing that pushed her to audition this year; her love of singing and music was all she needed.


“I’ve played since I was six years old on both the acoustic and electric guitar. This is my first time in follies and I won’t be using this (acoustic) guitar, I’ll be using an acoustic-electric on stage,” says an enthusiastic Kassandra.


She will be playing her acoustic-electric guitar while singing her own rendition of the song Bubbly by Colbie Caillat for her stage performance.


“I added my own feel to it,” describes Kassandra, as she tells us how she’s taken a different feel from the song lyrics and plans to incorporate it into her vocals. Kassandra also added her own feel to the song by adding a more minor feel to it by adding sad guitar chords.


When we asked her how she feels her preparation is coming along, she told us, “I’m way better since my audition.” She admitted to us, that during her audition she didn’t feel like she was at her best vocal wise and some notes just weren’t living up to her expectations.


Kassandra is very excited to play in front of everyone, which she makes clear, as she says, “You can really make it your own (performance wise).”


Kassandra used fun, awesome, therapeutic, and creative to express what singing means to her.


“I always wanted to be in Follies,” Kassandra admits.


And be performing in Follies is just what she’s gonna do.