ARS Against Itself: Inter Squad Track Meet


Ann Richards has its first ever inter squad track meet at the Tony Burger Stadium on February 20, 2014.
Inter squad means the team against itself- in this case, Pink vs Purple.
Pink Team is led by senior Casey Garcia and Purple Team by Emily Torrez, also in 12th grade.


It is a beautiful day. The sky, as well as the majority of the spectator seats, is clear.
The Rebels of Track (TROT) is an association of those who practice but choose not to compete. Currently, the group has two members. The founder, Augusta Dexheimer (10) has assumed the position of public announcer. Just as the runners and throwers have trained, Dexheimer has also prepared for this meet.
Dexheimer describes her job as if it were a true opportunity. “We had access to the Tony Burger microphone, the single best piece of machinery at that place!” she raves.

The first events to start are the shot put and discus throw. Coach Lantzy and Brown watch eagerly as their girls step up to the circle.
As Pink Team was lacking in experienced throwers, Alexys Garza (11) and Oceane Maher (11) volunteer to compete. In an inter squad meet, anything is possible; runners who typically have no upper body strength can throw!
Garza, as the multi-talented athlete she is, is able to toss as well as the competitors prior. Maher approaches the circle, picks up a shot, and her frame is weighed a bit closer to ground. She throws and the ball plops on the ground a foot out.
“[It] was something I’ve always wanted to do just for fun. It was hilarious,” said Maher.
The inter squad meet was a great opportunity for trying out different events without any risk of failure.

Next, the running events begin. Sprinters warm up. They race around the track, covering ground.
For Helen Onuorah (10), this is her first meet. She has always been naturally good at running, but never joined a sports team until this year. It took a lot of peer pressure- the good kind- to get her to try out.
“Practice is really tough,”  Onuorah says.
For most students, it has been found that practice is the number one reason why they decide to quit track. The few who endure it, however, quickly learn that hard work pays off.
Onuorah continues, “I love the feeling after it’s done. I feel so refreshed and accomplished.”

At the end of the meet, the results are in. The coaches have tallied up the scores and Augusta Dexheimer is the only other person who knows the victor. The deciding factor was the Distance Medley. Even after the race, no one is quite sure which team had won.
Lantzy calls for a team meeting. He gives high fives all around and congratulates everyone on a great competition.
P… Purple Team wins by a mere two points.
Immediately, everything purple jumps and hoots. All things pink seem to shrug and slouch a little lower.


No matter pink or purple, every player goes home feeling rewarded. In the end, we are one team. As hands stack into the middle, there is a feeling of unity.
Dexheimer finishes the occasion off by stating, “What a glorious occasion! Zing bang!”