Youth and Government: 15 Going On 30


Rewon Shimray

Every person gains in different ways from Youth and Government. While some are trained to speak up, others discover what they enjoy. Guiny Thomas describes her passion, “The thrill of trial exhilarates me”.

Rewon Shimray, Writer

Being put in the shoes of lawyers, regional representatives, politicians, interviewers, journalists, and other prestige positions- the participants in Youth and Government (YG) are given endless opportunities as well as responsibility. Through this program, teenagers dress, act, and develop the character on the way.

At the Texas State Competition, Ann Richards makes a mark. For a school as a whole, we were recognized as a distinguished delegate. Awarded delegates included Erin Willard (12), Maya Messinger (10), and Willa Smith (10). Smith also earned outstanding achievement. Lila Weatherly, in her last year in YG ranked in the top 5 judges in Texas. The lawyers Josie MacLean (11) and Libertad Escobar (11) together scored 6th best team in State.