Will Win Gold for Tacos: ARS Students Take Sochi 2014


photo credit: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/ commons/6/68/Canada_flag_halifax_9_-04 .JPG

Meredith Oldham, Features Editor

The camera pans, and the United States Flag comes into view, proudly held by true American athletes, decked out in the colors of their country, prepared to face the battles before them.

At the Ann Richards School, the Winter Olympics have a bit of a different twist.

“Pick a number” says World Geography teacher, Mr. Kepner.

Students respond eagerly with “47!” “9!” “36!” and wait in anticipation of their country assignment. One by one the students cheer with happiness (Yay, I got New Zealand!) or slump in disappointment (Where even is Cyprus?) Because that one number determines their Olympic fate.

This is the ARS 2014 Winter Olympics.

There are two objects of the game. The first- to rack in the most medals, and the second- most medals per capita. This means that Canada (a country with many people and many competitors) and Iceland (a country with few people and some competitors) both have a great chance at a win. And yes- the prize is breakfast tacos. ¬†There’s no doubt, the battle for the tacos is on.

“Egg, cheese, and potato,” said ARS sophomore and Olympic hopeful, Maya Messinger of Finland. She’s referring to the kind of taco she wants if she’s to win these Olympic games.

When we talked to Messinger last week, her medal count was only at two, but now she’s racked up a whopping five medals, including a gold in the Cross Country Skiing Men’s Team Sprint.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the country I got, Finland, compared to other countries. A friend of mine got Pakistan right before me, and I was lucky because Mr. Kepner just assigned me a random number,” said Messinger on her country selection. But while Messinger was able to work with a good amount of luck herself, one student had even more.
In walks fellow sophomore, Febe Martinez, (10). Also known as Canada.
“I have the most terrible luck in the world,” said Martinez. ¬†“So when Mr.Kepner told me to choose a number between one and eighty-four, I almost chose the number twenty-five, which I alway considered to be my lucky number. But I remembered that twenty-five had brought nothing but bad luck my way, and I remembered my dad saying that seven was his lucky number. So at the last minute I said seven instead of twenty-five, and voila! Canada!”
At this time, Olympic scores are still being calculated, but Martinez is definitely an Olympic favorite. We’ll have to wait to see what other countries reign supreme.