Kick it with some classics: Films to watch this Valentine’s season

Keyla Blanco, Staff Writer

Hopeless Romantic

Sleepless in Seattle

What’s sadder than a cute little eight year old losing his mom? What’s cuter than the same eight year old trying to make his father happy by setting him up on dates? Once the lonely Sam Baldwin, (played by Tom Hanks,) and his son Jonah move to Seattle, Washington Jonah tries to set his father up with a new lady– a news reporter who seems to be the perfect match. What makes the movie so great is seeing such a fun, loving little boy do so much to help make his dad happy and move on from a tragic past. And he’s only eight! To those of you wanting a tale of adventures and romance, Sleepless in Seattle is the one for you.

27 Dresses

Lonely this valentine’s day? You can relate to Jane Nichols, played by Katherine Heigl. After being a bridesmaid 27 times you’d think it’s her turn, right? I know I’ve given relationship advice almost as many times and I have yet to be in one. Tag along with Jane in search for her perfect guy. Truth be told, this movie is great for anyone who likes cheesy wedding movies, likes to relate to the protagonist, and maybe needs another OTP.


Cry your eyes out


Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet) make everyone’s heart melt. To this day I see people reenact a scene or two. The classic tale of two lovers and a sinking ship is always a tear-jerker. Is it the fact that you want to see a beautiful relationship prosper past the ship railings, or the fact that a mother and her two children pray before bed only to see a tragic end? Who knows. One thing is certain, tissues and ice cream go great with this classic.

The Notebook

Pretty much any Nicholas Sparks movie needs to come with a box of tissues. Do you want a cute significant other to write you a letter everyday of the year? Maybe even write you a letter everyday of the year. Hey, even a text back and chocolate covered strawberries would be more than enough this Sunday. Whether you have someone to spend the day with or not, this tale of true love overcoming all obstacles is no doubt on many people’s movie list this Valentine’s season.


Laugh a little

She’s the man

Two words: Girl power. This modern twist on the classic Shakespeare play, “Twelfth Night,” is one nobody can miss this Valentine’s season. Amanda Bynes is not only hilarious online, but she can also play a very convincing boy. Let’s not forget about dreamy Duke (Channing Tatum) and how much he needs to understand that Olivia (Laura Ramsey) is not for him. Love triangles, lies, and girls speaking up for themselves; what else could we ask for?


Everyone has seen the classic ogre child story. But, have you noticed the love between Fiona and Shrek? Or maybe Dragon and Donkey? The characters may be very child like but the story always brings joy. Not only is this an entertaining, fun movie for all ages, it also has a killer soundtrack with songs that are still loved by many to this day! Don’t forget, this fourteenth of February: you’re a rockstar!