Magnum Photo Exhibit


Courtney Williams, Entertainment Section Editor


The Magnum Art Foundation and Exhibit have captivated people’s attention for over 66 years. Recently I had the pleasure of going to a Magnum Art Exhibit and getting to see many beautiful and breathtaking photos and footage of many places and people.

The exhibit told stories of war, depression, Hollywood glamour and many untold secrets of exclusive places.

A photo that captured my interest was one of Martin Luther King and a candid shot of his famous “I had a dream speech.” It was a black and white shot of him with hundreds of thousands of people there watching and listening to him and his inspiring speech.

Although the Magnum Photo exhibit has now ended at the UT’s Harry Ransom Center, you can still check out more amazing art collections and exhibits. The next exhibit featured at the HRC will be The World at War 1914-1918, making its way to the center on Feb. 11 – Aug. 3.

This exhibits entails the story of “the war to end wars” fought over a 100 years ago.

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