A Dire Decision: 8th Grade Pathway Visits

Emma Foster, Co-Editor In Chief

The transition from middle school to high school may be a tough one, especially when you’re asked to choose a pathway for 4 years of study in a specific career field: either Media Technology, Engineering, or Biomedical Technology. This is why every year each pathway showcases what kinds of things they do in their classes. This past Monday, 8th graders rotated between different stations in which their high school sisters  talked about their pathways, electives, extracurriculars, and even hosted a Q & A panel about high school in general.

However, many 8th graders already know what pathway they’re going to choose. If you ask a handful of 8th graders at once, almost all of them will answer definitively what they want to take.

“I really want to go into Media Tech” says Maizy. She draws her friend with one of the Media Tech’s WACOM tablets that allow you to transfer hand drawings to the computer. “There’s a lot more freedom in high school, which I’m excited about” she says, laughing.

Incoming high schoolers don’t have to worry too much about deciding what electives to take. This year,  they can choose 2 electives and a pathway class where past 9th graders could only choose 1 elective and a pathway class. World Geography is no longer a required class, so many students want to take 2 fine arts classes or 2 electives.

“I’m going to take Music Theory and Orchestra,” says Sai H., “I’m really excited about that. I also want to join the debate team.” Sai already knows that she wants to go into the Biomedical pathway, but she’s a bit nervous about going into high school.  “I find pathways a bit scary because I don’t really know what to expect,” she says.

Karen C. disagrees. “I’m excited about getting to be in a pathway. These classes look like fun,” she says. Karen wants to be in engineering because she liked the design challenges she did in PLTW.

“I heard that there’s a lot more homework, and the academics are harder, so I’m scared about that,” says Karen. This is an opinion that most 8th graders share. They’ve heard their fellow ARS girls grumble about all the tests, projects, and general lack of sleep.

They know that in the long run this rigor will help them to achieve their goals in college and beyond, however. No matter what,  their ARS sisters and teachers will help them along the way.