Warriors Club


Lina Breining

For those of you out there who love, or have once loved Erin Hunter’s famous books about Warrior Cats, there is a club, lead by Briahna DeAnda and Karen Cramer, who are the main leaders of Warrior Club.

“I plan events, come up with new ideas, organize events, and I help my Vice Presidents Karen Cramer and Judi Bush keep the new warriors under control,” says Briahna, president of Warriors Club. “My favorite part is when I get to meet all the enthusiastic sixth graders and make new friends.”

Vice President Karen is the organizer of the group and carries out the plans. In Warrior Club, you are sorted into your clans, like the book. You also get to do fun activities. “My favorite part is when we go on ‘hunts,’ which are basically scavenger hunts,” says Vice President, Karen. Her favorite part is greeting the sixth graders. Although the club started small, they are growing, and gathering more warriors. “At the beginning, when Warrior Club first started,” says Karen, “there was only 3 people. But it’s grown a lot, and there are more people now. The club seemed really popular in Elementary School, and so a lot of people knew about it from there.”

Warrior Club has big hopes for the future, such as making Warrior movies, and creating their own trading card game.

“Every step begins a journey, and this one is for us.”  -Erin Hunter, author of Warriors.