Plaid Fad

How ARS is changing the game of fashion.

Georgia Oldham

Via The Whitepepper
Via. The Whitepepper

Walking through a city neighborhood this past fall I couldn’t help but feel a little like everyone was copying my ARS uniform swag. Everywhere I looked I seemed to be seeing someone rocking a plaid skirt (sometimes even pleeted), a plaid shirt, or at the very least a plaid scarf.

The plaid fad exploded last autumn, and it certainly isn’t the first (or last) fad that has been ARS inspired. The plaid craze was everywhere from runways across the world to our own Austin streets.

 I don’t think I’m alone when I say that ARS had to play a part in this fashion flurry. That’s right, our own little school has been setting worldwide fashion trends, and there’s certainly no denying it.

“I’ve definitely seen more plaid around town lately- it’s pretty funny,” said Maya Nunez, a 10th grader at ARS.

Looks like our school had the right idea all those years ago when introducing our dinky little plaid skirts to the uniform, or maybe we were looking so fly other people were just too jealous to go without a plaid addition to their own wardrobe. And there’s also no denying that oxford shirts haven’t seen a ressurgance in the last few years as well. Walk into any GAP or Old Navy and you’ll see a pleathera of colors and cuts in our highschool uniform favorite. Coincidence? I think not. Plus, in the recent months the back alleys of high fashion have seen a fashion flurry of big white tennis shoes, a middle school ARS uniform staple.

Obviously, us Ann Richards Girls are serious leaders in and outside of the fashion world. Who knows, maybe polo shirts will be next?

For more images of the plaid (aka. tartan) trend, use the following link to view a Vogue photo gallery from last season.