Graduated Seniors Come Back for Alumni Panel

Willa Smith, Co-Editor in Chief

Isabela Sanchez, sophomore, laughs at a joke made by her panel.

On Thursday, January 9th, a group of last year’s graduated Class of 2013 came back to visit the school and share their experiences in the first semester of college.

Each grade level had a different group of graduates, as well as a proctor who asked prompting questions to the panel, and then the floor was opened to the class for questions.

In the tenth and eleventh grade panel, the college freshman panel answered questions about the workload, which Allison Sands, a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, said was, “At this point, easier than ARS,” which was a reassurance to many students. Toni Akunebu, an ARS junior, questioned the panel about the bathrooms (because that’s really what we all want to know), and the panel agreed that everywhere you go it’s different, but to make the best decision for you.

Allison Sands, freshman at UPenn, answers a question.

The sixth graders enjoyed a panel with Jessica Rico, Jesualen Garcia, Lily Palette, where they asked some valuable questions, including questions about demerits in college (“The“Consequences are more severe. Cheating, you can get suspended or automatically kicked out.” – Jerusalen Garcia) and time management (“When I went to college I was a little ahead of other people. Ann Richards is a little hard but when you get to college it will be a lot easier.” – Jessica Rico).

Chloe Coronado-Winn, junior at ARS, said that the senior panel was interesting and informative and it was nice to finally get some insight as to what college is really like from people who are currently going through it.

When asked for her last advice for future college students, Lily Palette, freshman at UNT said, “Find your passion and stick with it. No one can take it from you. Take it, use it, build on it.”