Youth & Government District Competition


Students participate in Moden United Nations this past year, a club where an understanding of world geography is essential.

Rewon Shimray, Writer

Schools as far as Corpus Christi gather in Stephen F. Austin High School for the Youth & Government. Teenagers who appear to be as old as 30 click-clack their way to their designated rooms. There is Model U.N, Legislature, Judicial, and Media.

In large round-table discussions, Model U.N examines global issues and how the United Nations can improve the situation.

Legislature debates and fights to pass bills.

Judicial goes to court and determines a suspected murderer to be guilty or innocent.

Media spends the day interviewing, writing articles, and taking pictures of the Youth & Government participants in order to contribute to an online newspaper.


In the end, as all the 15-year old lawyers and news reporters assemble in the auditorium for the awards ceremony, they wait anxiously for the mic to be tapped and spoken into.

Erin Willard, senior, is named a distinguished delegate.

First place and second place are judicial teams with leading lawyers: Josie McLean, Libertad Escobar, Eliza Martin and Isha Patel.

Ann Richards goes home with the gold.