The Tiarra Girls: An Inside Scoop

Rewon Shimray, Writer

What were you interested in as an 8-year old? The average person would say TV and pop-tarts, but Tori Baltierra is not average.

“When I was 8, I was interested in playing the guitar and singing. The thought came to my head when I saw my music teacher playing, and it occurred to me to ask him to teach me,”  Tori says with a starstruck glaze on her face, “I did, and he said yes.”

From then on, she spent everyday after class practicing and learning.

Tori’s interest in music sparked one in her sisters too. Sophia picked up a pair of drum sticks. Tiffany mastered the piano, and later the bass. Voila! The Tiarra Girls band was born! However, it wasn’t easy getting to where they are today.

“Practices can be hectic. We blame each other for mess-ups which causes a lot of drama,” Tori confesses with large eyes.

Nonetheless, there are perks to being in a band with your own sisters. Things like being able to “practice whenever and ask each other for feedback” are all benefits. This support system would become important as they began to progress from late night jam sessions in their living room.

“In the beginning, we didn’t want gigs because of what the public might think, but then we got over our nerves; it felt the same as practices.”

Their mom and manager, Debbie Baltierra has been a huge contributor to their success. A behind-the-scenes momager, she sends e-mails to organizations to book gigs, keeps the girls organized, and lets them know what’s coming next. One aspect she has no control of, however, is each of their individual clothing tastes.

“When we were little, we liked to compare ourselves to the Cheetah Girls. We were obsessed!” Tori laughs at the memory.

Their fashion sense may have been affected by their idols as The Tiarra Girls are very stubborn and independent in their choices of apparel.

“It’s chaos,” Tori says outright. “Tiffany and Sophia always have their stuff together the night before…,” she pauses before continuing, “… And then there’s me. I just get whatever in the morning.
“When I walk out the door, Tiffany and Sophia are always like, ‘Ew no!’ or ‘Don’t wear that!’, but I never change,” Tori says with a sly smile.

Being a unique individual has always been a setting-apart quality for Tori Baltierra.