A Tribute to Shaggy

A Tribute to Shaggy

Ellison Martin, Staff Writer

On January 7, 2022, friends and classmates wore green in honor of Shaggy Reese Pfullmann, who passed away on January 5, 2022. The collective choice was ironic since Shaggy did not like the color green at all. But we decided to wear green that day because Shaggy was determined to wear one green thing every single day. Despite not liking the color, Shaggy began the daily splash of green because they wanted to be like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. That sharp sense of humor is one of the many things that made Shaggy special to everybody. 


Shaggy was truly unique, so it is hard to know how or what to say about someone who was beautiful and colorful, who impacted everyone they touched. Shaggy’s good friend wants us to remember the way Shaggy was because they were a bright light in so many people’s lives. “Shaggy was a goofball, loved making jokes, and was so creative. Everything that they did when they had an interest in it and they would do it amazingly. It was flawless. One time they went through a phase where they made rings for a week, and they would make these rings that were so pretty and wrapped really perfectly. They were a great person. They were really kind and cared about so many people, and they were friends with so many people. Shaggy was that person who knew a lot of people, had a lot of friends, liked a lot of people, and who people didn’t really hate because Shaggy wanted to be cared for and care for others”, their friend expressed. 


Shaggy was a loyal and supportive friend. For instance when their close friend was having a hard time, Shaggy never left their side. “I went to the hospital before Christmas break. I went first to the nurse’s office at school and Shaggy was there with me the whole time, to make sure I was ok. They stayed with me throughout the whole experience at the hospital too. It just shows how dedicated they were as a friend. How good of a person they were and that they would be there no matter what”, their friend said.  Shaggy supported and helped their friends through everything, the good and the bad, that is the description of a caring and kind person.


What type of person was Shaggy Reese Pfullmann? They were an extraordinary friend and a creative person. They would look out and care for others– whether it would be taking care of friends in their time of need or just giving gifts to brighten one’s day. Shaggy was the type of person to put others before themself. Shaggy was witty and funny. They could take a boring topic like physics and make it fun. Shaggy was an unforgettable person and influenced even those who did not know them. The school will hold a memorial for Shaggy, in the spring. It will be a tree-planting ceremony in honor of Shaggy. Which I find perfect because of Shaggy’s signature color— green.