Return to Terror

Mass Shootings in 2021


Amanda Macias Schreiber, Staff Writer

As the COVID vaccine gets distributed to more people and things are able to open up, once again the notion of returning to normal is encapturing the hearts of many Americans, but as we move forward in this process the question of what is ‘normal’ for America is being brought up. With the opening up of more businesses and public spaces in 2021, we have all been greeted with the terror and tragedy that mass shootings bring. According to the Gun Violence Archive, the requirements for an incident to be classified as a mass shooting are “they have a minimum of four victims shot, either injured or killed, not including any shooter who may also have been killed or injured in the incident.” With this definition, a total of 206 mass shootings have taken place this year. That is 70 more shootings than there have been days in 2021, this article having been written on May 16.

The United States’s history with guns is complicated, with the Second Amendment being the go-to defense against any anti-gun criticism, it is important to understand the context of such an amendment. During the United States’ infancy, there was no national military, so states and communities relied on local militias and the family gun for protection. As the years have gone by though, the United States government has built up its domestic and foreign defense. While simultaneously, gun manufacturers have upgraded guns and their accessories so much that they have now become a weapon for mass destruction rather than a thing to protect your family or go on a hunting trip. Bump stocks and accessories similar do nothing to protect a family, but rather pose a threat to the public. The Second Amendment was chartered for the safety and protection of the American people, not of their weapons, but as the years have passed this goal has reversed with families mourning the loss of loved ones every day, and guns being given more protection and viewed as more sacred than people. At times, this problem is falsified as a theoretical argument, and any solutions are marked up as impossible fantasies, but we have seen the facts. The data proves that this problem will refuse to go away if nothing changes. The examples of other countries prove that there are viable solutions that will not limit anyone’s rights, but rather ensure their freedom to live and be safe wherever they go.

As we move forward as a country with the protection against a deadly virus, we must also strive to protect each other in every way possible. This problem will not go away with idleness, it is time that we refuse greed, hatred, and fear, and rather turn to peace, love, and unity, so that others may live. Let this new year of hope and celebration bring with it change for a better future for us all.


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