A Trip To Flavortown

We reviewed Guy Fieri’s all new take out restaurant


In the time of COVID, there has been a steep increase in ghost restaurants popping up all over the nation. Many celebrities have played part in this rise, launching their own food delivery lines. Recently Guy Fieri, host of both Guy’s Grocery Games and Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, launched his own all-delivery take-out restaurant in Austin texas located at 3612 Tudor Blvd. Fittingly named The Flavortown Kitchen, the ghost restaurant serves a wide variety of very Fieri inspired food featuring everything from bacon mac N cheeseburgers to cheesesteak egg rolls. As a Guy Fieri and food enthusiast, I had to try The Flavortown Kitchen out for myself. To ensure I got a thorough review of The Flavortown Kitchen I sat down with two other Guy Fieri enthusiasts for this evaluation.


Round One, Appetizers:

Our food arrived in multiple colorful and fieri-ful decorated boxes with a bunch of Flavortown stickers. For our appetizer, we decided to order the fried pickles and cheesesteak egg rolls.


“First Impressions, I love the packaging. The stickers really sell it for me,” Elena Guajardo, (12), said. “They also have their own paper, it reminds me of the Jersey Shore.” 


The first appetizer we tried was the fried pickles which came with their own signature ranch. 


“The breading is soft too which is important, sometimes the bread is overly crunchy. And the ranch is definitely that kind of ranch that doesn’t taste store-bought, this is no Hidden Valley this is Flavortown Valley,” Guajardo said.


All in all the pickles were great, they had a good breading to pickle ratio and since the pickles were served as fried pickle disks it made it easy to dip them in the Flavortown ranch. For delivery fried pickles, they maintained a surprising amount of crunch. All things considered, we rated them an 8 out of 10. 


Next up was the Cheesesteak Egg rolls. The cheesesteak egg rolls were cheesesteak filling inside of egg rolls that came with sriracha ketchup as a dipping sauce.


“It’s a place of Flavortown I never thought I’d see, it’s good, the fried egg roll and filling is maybe not for me because I don’t like Philly cheesesteaks by themselves,” Maria Noonan, (12), said. “I enjoy the egg roll. I think it’s perfectly crispy, I think it’s gorgeous. The inside filling tastes like a Philly cheesesteak which I have to give them props for.”


Round Two, Entrees:

Between the three of us, we ordered one Chicken Parm-eroni, a Crazy Cuban Sandwich, and The Guy Chicken Classic. To start my friend and Co-Editor and Chief of the Polaris Press, Maria Noonan ordered the Chicken parm-eroni which is a chicken parm served on a bed of spaghetti topped with cheese and pepperoni.


“To start off with the spaghetti, perfect al dente. The spaghetti sauce has good tang, and when you add a whole pepperoni in there that takes you to Flavortown. My chicken parm is good, the mozzarella cheese is good and it off balances the heaviness of the breading.” Noonan  said, “Overall I would rate this 8.5 out of 10.”


Next up was Guajardo’s Crazy Cuban Sandwich. Elena Guajardo is a Guy Fieri enthusiast and has followed his career closely for years. She ordered The Crazy Cuban Sandwich which comes with swiss cheese, smoked ham, smoked pork, pickles, mustard, and Donkey Sauce all on a pressed hoagie bun.


“So this sandwich is, I love this sandwich, I love Cuban sandwiches, I would consider myself to be a connoisseur of Cuban sandwiches. And you can see at the rate at which I have consumed this is just like a marker of how good it is,” Guajardo said.  “There is something in there I can’t really tell what it is, I think it might be the cheese but it is so soft and melty, it’s so soft and I love it and that really. Some issues I have with Cuban sandwiches is that they don’t have pickles throughout the sandwich, this has pickles all throughout the sandwich.” 


Now onto my meal, I ordered The Chicken Guy Classic. It was a fried chicken sandwich topped with a special sauce, Lettuce, Tomato, onion, and pickles all on a buttered brioche bun. The quality of the bread really enhanced the entire sandwich; the buttered brioche bun added a nice sweetness to the sandwich. The sandwich had a lot of toppings but they didn’t detract from the star of the show which was the chicken. The chicken was breaded nicely and seasoned well. Another part of the sandwich was the special sauce which ties the whole sandwich together.


Round Three, Dessert:

For dessert, we ordered the Cheesecake Challenge a layered cheesecake topped with chocolate, pretzels, and chips. 


“I can get the saltiness and I can get the taste of the chocolate sauce. It’s cheesy, it’s chocolatey,” Noonan said. “The pretzels and chips are a bit soggy, but that’s to be expected and it doesn’t take away from the dessert for me.”


We really enjoyed the sweet and savory combinations in this cheesecake it really added to the cheesecake overall. Something that especially stood out to me was the layers of this cheesecake, there were three distinct layers of cheesecake in this dessert which is what really set it apart from other cheesecakes. 


Overall I really enjoyed my Flavortown dining experience, the food was good quality and reasonably priced for a celebrity chef associated restaurant. If you decide to order from The Flavortown Kitchen I would highly recommend ordering anything on the menu with the restaurant’s signature donkey sauce or one of their sandwiches. Both the packaging and the food was so Fieri inspired which is really what set The Flavortown Kitchen apart from other ghost restaurants.