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Marvel Studio’s First Television Shows


WandaVision & The Falcon & The Winter Soldier are Marvel Studios’ first two television series

Amanda Macias Schreiber, Staff Writer

Marvel Studios is taking its next steps in expanding its universe with the release of its first two television series on the streaming service Disney+. The first show to reach audiences, released in January, was WandaVision. Through the unconventional storytelling, this series was able to pay homage to sitcoms throughout the decades, going from The Dick Van Dyke Show all the way to Modern Family. Going further into the series the audience was shown more of these characters’ past, and through this way of storytelling, the cast and crew were able to show the hardship of grief as its main character was dealing with loss. Once in the Third Act, a more Marvel feel came forth as the consequences of Wanda’s choices and actions came together and the reckoning was at hand. The end of this first show set up audiences to expect to see these characters return in later projects. The second series to be released came in March-The Falcon and The Winter Soldier-with a more conventional Marvel feel. The directing style brings a bit of an artsy presence to the action genre, as the director seeks to delve deeper into the characters and sometimes breaks cinematography rules to show certain emotions and discomfort. With socio-political issues being centered on, and characters further fleshed out, this show strives to take Marvel to the next level. Setting up future projects, these shows were also able to diverge into their own unique stories as well, giving side-characters the center stage and allowing their journeys to unfurl on their own with new and old relationships being forged and strengthened. Marvel’s strength has always been in its character-driven storytelling and these projects are no different in that sense, as audiences are allowed to witness the conflict and growth that develops each character’s arch. The stark differences in Marvel’s first two series show the diversity of Marvel Studios’ creative department and their ability to tell a good story.