Midsummer’s Night Dream

A pandemic safe senior prom


The pandemic has changed everything we as a society call normal. There are many rights of passages that have been canceled or altered to accommodate the social distancing and mask wearing rules. Graduations, birthday parties, and proms. As the virus spread has slowed and the amount of people fully vaccinated has increased, there have been more options for these rights of passages to occur in creative ways. 


The senior class has had to adjust more than most. Having to miss many rights of passages unique to seniors in high school, it has looked grim at times. Things like the senior class trip, senior ditch day, and the senior prank have been canceled or altered. One important right of passage every senior holds dearly is the senior prom. A time honored tradition where seniors dress up in their nicest clothes and dance the night away with their friends and occasionally their dates. 


When the pandemic first hit, back in March 2020, the prior senior class was sent home for the rest of the school year and missed their senior prom. After almost a whole year of Zoom school, the current senior class has been worried about also having to miss their senior prom too. Thankfully, with decreasing cases and vaccinations, the Ann Richards School has been able to successfully plan a safe prom experience. 


Things have had to be changed to keep students and staff safe. For one, the prom will be held at the school instead of at another venue. In addition, students must be masked and remain socially distanced at all times. Finally, students will not be allowed to bring dates from other schools or younger students. This includes the junior class, which in prior years has been allowed to attend prom. 


The prom committees have been meeting since early March to begin planning. Through weekly meetings, the prom committees were able to reach several important decisions. One of the most important decisions was the theme. The prom theme and decoration committee discussed several options before presenting them to the senior class and deciding on Midsummer’s Night Dream. The theme offers a combination between a fairy garden and mythology style, imagine stunning flowers, glittering lights, tall columns, and golden laced ivy. The theme only impacts decorations and not people’s outfits. 


An important aspect of prom is the catering. Delicious food for attendees to enjoy while dancing and enjoying the night with their friends. While eating food in a pandemic world has been made a little more difficult, the staff has worked hard to make it safe and delicious. While the catering has yet to be decided, when it does, attendees will be able to safely consume it in a socially distanced manner. 


There will be the regular prom activites of dancing, pictures, and delicious food, as well as some other fun activities, which will be a surprise. The prom committee has also planned some special personalized items for the senior class. This will include corsages, and handwritten notes from their classmates, as well as a few other surprises. 


A group called Project Princess normally sets up boutiques around Austin giving free prom dresses to all students who need one. This year, due to the majority of the school’s skipping prom, are not offering that. However, they did contact our school saying that if any student was in need of a prom dress, they are still interested in offering their dresses. Talk to Ms. Bryant or Ms. Dicuffa if interested! 


The prom will be held on Saturday, April 24, from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM and is sure to be a night to remember!