Among Us

There’s an imposter…and it’s us


Lily Marquez

Among Us is a multiplayer murder mystery game that came out in 2018 but just recently became popular in the past year. Among Us was being played on Tik Tok, influenced by YouTubers, shared by friends and siblings, and known on the internet. 


Even a U.S representative decided to do a little gaming to get people to participate in the election. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also known as AOC tweeted on Oct 19, “Anyone want to play Among Us with me on Twitch to get out of the vote? (I’ve never played before but it looks like a lot of fun)”. There was a livestream of AOC playing Among Us which became the most watched video on Twitch. 


The concept of the game is quite intriguing and simple,You’re assigned a role of either crewmate or imposter”, said Janea Landers (12), “And if you’re crewmate then it’s your job to finish all tasks assigned and/or figure out who’s the imposter before everyone is killed. If you’re the imposter it’s your job to kill everyone without getting caught.” 


The great majority of people playing Among Us is the younger generation and they like it a lot. “I like the graphics of it a lot, and it’s fun to be a crewmate and try to figure out who the imposter is, or to be imposter and sneakily kill the other players,” said Emme Veselka (12), “I also really enjoy watching streams of people playing the game because it’s fun to see how their logic works and how their relationships with each other impact how they play.”


 Among Us has become popular during quarantine, “I think it’s been popular because it’s an easy way to connect with people during quarantine,” said Emme Veselka (12), “And we tend to love games where you betray your friends. It’s fun to get competitive with it and deceit other people.” 


Its kept teenagers occupied and distracted from everything that has been going on this year. “It’s just a great trend that keeps kids occupied,” said Alondra Garcia (9), “ It brought me closer to lots of friends during quarantine.” 


You can download Among Us on IOS and Android Devices via the app store.