Recap of 2020

A letter catching anyone up who has no idea what has been going on in the year of 2020

This is essentially the recap of 2020

This is essentially the recap of 2020

Dear Person who has been gone from Earth these past few months. You’ve missed a lot, and although we also don’t have a handle on what’s going on, we’ll try to explain. It all started when the orange man became president 4 years ago. It was a rough few years, but we were hanging in there for a while. But then 2020 happened. Trump got impeached, WW3 almost happened, Australia was on fire, and a virus erupted. It was disaster after disaster. 


We had a false sense of security for a little while, not thinking that the virus would make it all the way here, but then it came for us. School was canceled in March. You would think this to be a nice vacation, woo no school, yay! School’s out forever! But no. We had to stay in our homes with no contact with the outside unless someone made a grocery dash in full hazmat gear. We were getting low on food and supplies, people began hoarding toilet paper. You could trust no one. It was a full zombie apocalypse at your nearest Costco. 


California joined in the fray with baby reveal parties ending with the state being engulfed in flames. Protests have erupted across the world due to police brutality and racial injustice. Monsters were being outed in the continuing #MeToo movement. It’s also an election year, which resulted in the worst debate in American Political History. RBG died. That was a rough one. Many have died these past few months, due to COVID and other circumstances. Immigration has only gotten worse, with injustice to families being rampant. Children have been forced back into abusive households. We did finally find out who the next President will be, though that took a very long time, and the old one tried to fight it with bogus law-suits. That did result in a press conference in a parking lot between a crematorium, and an ‘exotic’ shop, which kind of made the whole thing worth it. So many weird discoveries have been made. There might be life on Venus, so maybe we could live there, of course, we’d probably die, though that might be a nice change. I think they opened an Egyptian tomb, so a possible curse may have been released. So this may be the end, but let’s go out with a bang. So yeah, that’s what you missed these past few months on Earth.

Sincerely, The totally qualified to be sharing world news with you, Ann Richards School.