Students for Teachers

Student-led coalition making waves


Grace Slagle


In these past weeks, as teachers across AISD have been forced to teach in-person, students have shown their growing support. Protests have occurred, student sick-ins have been planned, and events have been scheduled. 

The straw that broke the camel’s back, as it were, could be considered the day two Ann Richards teachers resigned due to complications with COVID-19 and working in-person. Students rallied and quickly made plans to contact AISD leaders to help teachers stay home if they so choose. In the beginning, everything went extremely quickly. On the day of the resignations, there was immediate movement. I heard people talking about trying to band together to help the teachers. There was a refreshing sense of urgency and initiative that is so paramount to making any sort of difference. 

Students began to regularly meet. They developed a polished website, complete with resources, meeting times, contacts, and more. As the movement gained momentum, ARS students were eager to involve other students from LASA, Bowie and other schools around AISD.

This is an excellent example of students taking initiative, noticing something wrong they disagreed with and amplifying it infinitely. Students held letter-writing parties for the public to voice their support and to fight for teachers, and though the coalition does not have a social media account, a warm online presence was built by the members to spread the word. Students shared helpful graphics about meetings to Instagram to inform people about what was happening.

Sometimes, change is immediate, sometimes you must work for it. The strength of these students, their combined numbers, and their genuine concern for a real-world, real-time issue are what is keeping this movement driven. 

You can find the website for the coalition at the address It is also available in Spanish. There you can find resources if you want to write a letter to a local official, the mission statement, and more. If you are interested in being a part of the coalition, progress can always be made.