Swimmers Take Your Mark

Fall sports of this year look a bit different due to the global pandemic.


Lily Marquez

The ARS Starfish were uncertain if swim was going to happen for the 2020-2021 school year. 


I was truly sad about the idea that there might not be a swim season, I felt like there was going to be a hole. To be honest, with all of the COVID worries, I was a little surprised at first to hear that the season would be a go”, said Coach DiCuffa, “Even if it is a shorter, weirder season, I am just so happy to be having one!” 


The Starfish went from 22 swimmers to 14 and are now practicing in two cohorts of seven at LA Fitness. 


Something that hasn’t changed is that our team is so great at handling things with grace, like rolling with the punches left and right, no matter what” said Captain Kate Hall (12), “Our team is ultimately amazing and so wonderful at handling things”. 


The team being split in two cohorts hasn’t made the team divided, in fact, according to Kate (12), “[we’re] Still very close, and good at keeping contact” Said Hall …”We all love each other and support each other”. 


The ARS Cross Country team is running in a slightly different way this year as well. 


“(There are) less highschoolers because they are busier but there is a good amount of middle schoolers, participation has increased” said Captain Sabine Williams (12) , “It’s very different, there were more people last year”. 


The runners were able to transition from track to cross country and started meeting over zoom during the summer. 


“Our team has shown such a will and motivation to continue to meet over zoom to do the workouts” said Coach Abby Eakin, “I have to give us props, we’ve pivoted quickly and been so consistent with how we are doing it, that it’s working”. 


Zoom isn’t only the technology that is helping the track and cross country team. Strava is also connecting the team in new ways that connects athletes and encourages runs 


“[We’ve] been lucky that we have a lot of digital support,” said Coach Eakin“Strava is a workout social network, [that] tracks your runs, gives feedback, posts what’s going on with them”More than just connecting running routes, it has helped the new, old and returning members of the team find the community feeling apart..


 “I really like the team aspect of it, that’s something that I am missing a lot right now”, said Williams , “People who don’t run, don’t understand the team dynamic, when you are running, you are basically with the same group of people hours each week, only thing you can do is talk to each other, interact with them in that environment”. 


Although lots of things are different this year, sports are going on in a new way. Coaches and members are using technology, places and materials in a new way but one thing has stayed the same. Team members are still supporting and encouraging each other as they always have done.”