Five For Fall

Five fall activities that are covid safe.


Fall is here and I have been particularly sad that I will not be able to participate in the same fall activities as in previous years. Fall is my favorite time of year, so in preparation, I created five pandemic safe fall activities to do this year. This list includes private, indoor activities, as well as a few safe, public activities. 

Since we are unable to have in-person parties, having a Halloween party via Zoom is a safe alternative. You can change your background to a spooky setting to give the party a more Halloween-y vibe. Some ideas for what you and your friends can do are telling scary stories, showing up in costume, or watching a spooky movie together. Organizing a Zoom call for all your friends to join is a great way to reconnect with friends and enjoy the fall season.



Going to a drive-in movie theater can be a great way to get out and stay safe. Drive-in movies allow you to stay in your car and be socially distanced from others while also being able to watch movies. When exiting the car for any reason, masks are required. This activity runs more of a risk because there is a higher likelihood of contamination, so it is a good idea to stay in your vehicle as much as possible. 


Carving pumpkins is a great way to spend time with those you are quarantining with and it is very safe. This is one of my favorite fall activities and it is something I will definitely be doing this year because it is very pandemic friendly. Carving pumpkins also is a great opportunity to catch up with and spend more time with your family.


I have always wanted to sew my own Halloween costume or knit my own fall sweater. Being quarantined has allowed me to work more on my sewing orientated hobbies. I am not able to do my typical fall activities this year, so I have plenty of time to start a sewing project like this. Starting a sewing project is a perfect way to unwind from the stress of school and to make something that you can actually use this season. 


While I won’t be able to hang out in person with my friends on Halloween or this fall, I was still looking for a way to see them. Baking a fall-themed treat and delivering them to my friends was the perfect solution. This allows you to see your friends from a safe distance while also giving you an excuse to make baked goods. 


Though we aren’t able to do the same fall activities as last year there are still some safe and fun alternatives. With the fall season upon us more and more people will be going out but It still is so important that we continue to stay safe and follow social distancing guidelines.