Eat Your Heart Out: A Farewell to Single-Layer Nachos

The discontinuation of a memorable Taco Bell menu item


Monica Martinez, Staff Writer

When I was younger, going to Taco Bell was an adventure. My eight-member family would step out of our cramped van and walk into Taco Bell. The purple, pink, and blue padded booths and turquoise chairs made me feel like I’d stepped into a different world.


Being a child, I was a picky eater and this applied universally to every aspect of my life. I didn’t want food to touch and don’t even get me started on eating tacos. So, every time my family went to Taco Bell I’d order the same thing: a cup of melted cheese and a small bag of tortilla chips. But as the seasons changed, and my family got older we stopped going to Taco Bell altogether.


Fast forward to 2019, my family returned to the land of tacos and no bells. And, within seven years, the Taco Bell menu changed drastically. There was a new addition to the dollar menu, one that changed the Taco Bell game for me forever: the triple-layer nachos. I’m still a picky eater so naturally, I only wanted the cheese, but I could get the same food item I’d eaten years before, in convenient packaging for a DOLLAR. And I didn’t feel like my food preferences were a financial burden. I could truly “Live Más.” 


But one fateful day in July of 2020, my dreams of cheap cheese only nachos were cut short. Taco Bell announced that they would be simplifying their menu and retiring eleven items starting August 13th. Including the triple-layer nachos. At first, I felt a whirlwind of emotions, disappointment, confusion, but most notably betrayal. Because after years of company loyalty, I’m back to square one. 


You see, I thought I needed single layer nachos to “Live Más.” when all I needed was the strength to get through such an absence in my life. Ultimately, I made the decision to stop going to Taco Bell. They no longer sold the single layer nachos so it was only right that I picked up my bags and took my business elsewhere.  


I’m still the same girl I was at ten years old, just a little older, a little wiser, and my heart’s got a single layer nacho sized hole in my chest. So please, if you see me in a zoom class, don’t mention the nachos, I don’t want to taco bout it.