At Your Door: The Many Streaming and Delivery Services Helping Ensure People’s Happiness and Safety During Quarantine

With the coronavirus resulting in most people having to be quarantined in their homes, getting entertainment and food can be a bit of a challenge. Luckily, there are lots of streaming and food delivery services that can provide for you in this time of need. Below are several examples of both, to give you both the fun and nourishment to thrive through quarantine.

There are several streaming services available, with one of the most prominent being Netflix. With over 100,000 titles available, you’ll be kept entertained for quite some time with access to both realistic fiction like You and wild truths in docuseries like Tiger King. Another large brand is Hulu, which boasts an equally impressive 1,650 shows and over 2,500 movies, which is quite a lot. One company more known for its delivery is Amazon, whose offshoot Amazon Prime offers around 18,000 movies and 2,000 shows, offering both old classics like Cheers to new delights like Good Omens.

If paying’s not an option for you, try Crackle! While it does have ads, it’s completely free and has over 140 movies to its name, which though smaller than most paid services is still impressive. Another site is Tubi TV, which is an app that’s completely free and legal, and has over 15,000 shows and movies, including major blockbuster titles like Crocodile Dundee and School of Rock!

For the anime fans, Anime Twist is a site that holds just about any anime show or film you can think of! From Pok√©mon to Perfect Blue, there’s a wide variety of genres and animation for you to binge! Though it is free, the site runs on donations, so if you do have money available, consider giving some to keep Anime Twist up and running.


Now that the luxuries are out of the way, let’s move on to the essentials. Food is one of the main things required in every household, and so it should be as easy as possible to access grocery options in these times. Because leaving your home puts you at risk of exposure to the virus, getting meals groceries can be difficult. If you’re in need of both food and guidance, both Blue Apron and Hello Fresh deliver meal kits with instructions on preparation, making the process of cooking much easier.

If you’ve already got an idea of what you want, try Grubhub, an online delivery service that matches customers with takeout restaurants in their area. Similarly, DoorDash is an on-demand food service with free delivery that brings your meals hot and ready! If it’s ingredients that you want, Instacart collects and delivers groceries straight to your door, saving you the wait and risk of going yourself.

With good entertainment and food, the quarantine will hopefully feel much cozier and much less anxiety-inducing. Remember to stay safe and healthy, and have fun!