The First Sound of the Future: Hatsune Miku Announced to Perform at Coachella


Modern technology is quite a marvel, allowing us to do such miraculous things as contact people across the world, create self-driving cars, and experience virtual reality. But now, our technological capacity has reached new heights with the announcement that Hatsune Miku will be performing at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

The character known as Hatsune Miku is a Japanese singing voice synthesizer software known as a Vocaloid. This means that people are able to create their own songs and have her sing them. Over 100,000 songs have been created in her name. This also allows her to perform at “Vocaloid concerts”, events where people can buy time slots to have their songs played, with the Vocaloid “performing” as an on-stage hologram. Originally just a synthesizer program, Miku has grown to be a sort of virtual celebrity, performing and appearing in ads, interviews, collaborations, and videos.

Although she is already very famous, Miku’s stardom reached new heights with the recent announcement by the official Miku Twitter page that she would be performing at Coachella. This seems to be a part of an effort from Coachella’s organizers to bring more international acts into the mix, be them real or computer-generated.

Fans of the holographic idol are overjoyed at her new level of fame. “I’m just celebrating this weird mix of Rage Against the Machine, BIGBANG and Hatsune Miku,” typed out Twitter user Lolli Pop. “Like, could anyone have imagined something like this 20 years ago?”

The majority of reactions to the Vocaloid’s name in the lineup have been a sliding scale of confusion to delight. Many of her previous fans displayed the latter, with the East Asian content-streaming website, Crunchyroll stating “2020 starts out with Hatsune Miku booked at Coachella,”, showing even their excitement at the news. “This is not a drill!”

It’s clear that, despite being a fictional creation, Hatsune Miku is a beloved idol and phenomenon. With her holographic debut occurring in early April of this year, one can only wonder as to what affects her presence will have on fans of both her and music alike.