2019, A Year in Review

A timeline of popular events in 2019.  



7 Rings 

Ariana Grande released a grammy nominated song; 7 Rings. 7 Rings remained on the top of the Billboard Top 100 for eight consecutive weeks. Becoming the longest single to stay on the charts for thirty three consecutive weeks before dropping out. The song to be nominated for the Record of the Year and Best Pop Performance at the Grammys. 


The Venezuela Crisis

Disputes over the presidential election arose after President Maduro declared to cut ties with the United States. The Trump administration discussed cutting funding for Venezuela. The US declared that they had helped with over fifty-six million dollars towards the humanitarian cause in Venezuela to help those who had fled the country due to the political and economical crisis President Maduro’s had caused. 



Super Bowl

The LIII Super Bowl took place in the Mercedes-Benz stadium located in Atlanta, Georgia,between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams. The Patriots defeated The Rams 13-3 with an estimated 98.2 millions viewers in the United States. Because of the amount of views it would receive, a 30 second commercial could cost up to $5.25 million dollars. 



Equal Pay

The U.S. Women’s Soccer team sued the United States Soccer for equal gender pay. 

Twenty eight members of the Women’s Soccer team filed a lawsuit over gender discrimination. They explained that it does not only affect their paycheck but also where they play and train. “And I think that dating back to forever, been a team that stood up for itself and fought hard for what it felt it deserved and tried to leave the game in a better place,” said Megan Rapinoe american professional soccer player .The women’s soccer team wins more games statiscally, yet receives less pay from the federation. They also argued that they should be able to play as many games as the men’s soccer team does. 



NASA declared that they want to return to the moon in 2024 and after that explore Mars by 2033. “We want to achieve a Mars landing in 2033,” Jim Bridenstine american politician and Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration: told lawmakers at a congressional hearing on Capitol Hill. “We can move up the Mars landing by moving up the Moon landing. The Moon is the proving ground,” added the former Republican congressman.

 However this is only possible when Mars is positioned on the same side of the Sun and Earth which only occurs every 26 months. Their purpose is not just to get humans out into space but rather prove that humans can function in another world. 



The annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival took place in Indio, California. A two weekend festival was held on April 12-14 andApril 19-21. This year they celebrated their 20th anniversary. Tickets ranged from $499 to $1,000 dollars. Celebrities such as Beyonce, Childish Gambino, Billie Eillish and Ariana Grande headlined for the festival. 



Six migrant children die under the custody of the US

Children died after becoming extremely ill in Border Patrol’s crowded holding areas. Five children from Guatemala and one child from El Salavador passed away due to the unhygienic conditions they were living in. Due to many illnesses and the tight area, diseases spread quickly which can result in some going under quarantine. Due to a large amount of migrants coming from South America into the US, these border patrol don’t have the funding nor care for these people. Therefore, many authorities have decided to turn a blind eye. 



North Korea and the US 

President Donald Trump visited North Korean president Kim Jong-un. President Donald Trump became the first president to ever step on North Korean soil. Previously U.S. presidents had only seen North Korea through binoculars or have visited the Korean Demilitarized Zone; a strip of land that runs along the peninsula of Korea. Both presidents held a meeting over nuclear issues. President Trump offered economic aid in exchange for removing nuclear arms. However, these two countries were not able to come to an agreement.  



Trump’s Wall

In July of 2019 the Supreme Court approved 2.5 billions dollars from the Department of Defense to be used to build a wall along the US and Mexican border. The court ruled a 5-4 vote. In September 2019, there was an additional funding of 3.6 billion dollars to the wall. 


Strike in Puerto Rico 

Thousands of people filled the streets of San Juan to block a major highway in protest. Puerto Ricans were angry about the corruption of their government and how they have reacted to events such as hurricane Maria, a deadly category five hurricane that destroyed Puerto Rico and its economy. Another reason Puerto Ricans went on strike is because of leaked messages between Governor Ricardo Rosello and other officials in which he said homophobic and profanity lace words. Celebrities such as Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin encouraged calls for impeachment as he joined protestors. 



Mass Shooting

In the first week of August two mass shootings occurred within less than twenty four hours of one another. An armed man entered a Walmart in El Paso, Texas where he killed twenty people and injured another twenty six. Making this the largest mass shooting in the US in 2019 and one of the seven deadliest since 1949. It was also the deadliest shooting against Latinos in modern American history. Thirteen hours later a gunman entered a bar in Ohio in which he killed nine people and injured twenty seven people.


Area 51

“Storm Area 51. They can’t stop all of us.” There have been many conspiracy theories regarding aliens on the infamous site that is Area 51. Rumors started spreading around the 1950s when the Army started flying spy planes and shortly after this incident, some people reported seeing UFOs. A facebook event created on June 27, 2019 was all a joke until 2 million people responded that they would be going and 1.5 million people responded as interested. However on September 20, the date of the event,  only about 150 people were seen at the entrance of Area 51. 



Chicago Teacher Strike 

Teachers in Chicago striked for 11 consecutive days becoming the largest strike in decades, and affected over 300,000 students. Teachers’ main reasons for going on strike are the following: they want smaller classes, so each student can get the education they deserve, and more funding for schools because many teachers have to use their money to fund their own activities or projects despite not getting paid very well. Chicago’s new mayor, Lori Lightfoot, agreed to spend millions of dollars on reducing classroom sizes and promised to pay for more librarians, nurses and social workers. She also promised a 16% percent salary raise over the coming five years. 



Keystone pipeline leaks 

The Keystone Pipeline located in North Dakota suffered another leak in which 380,000 gallons of oil were leaked. About half of an olympic size pool is an estimate of how much oil was leaked. Many environmental groups opposed the idea of building the XL pipeline. “At this time, we don’t see any impact to public health,” Rockeman told USA TODAY, adding that “There should be no disruption and no reason for any special precautions” for residents in the area.’’



Impeachment Vote

After a long six hour debate on December 18, President Donald Trump was impeached. The House of Representatives charged Trump with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Becoming the third president to ever be impeached after Andrew Jackson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1999.