Billie’s Art Show, An ARS Animation

On the weekend of January 18th, the annual weekend film challenge was hosted by Travis high school and was judged by the film and audio visual production teachers of AISD. This year, the head of the Media Tech pathway, Roger Soden, suggested to his students that they should submit an animation to the weekend film challenge. No team has ever submitted to the weekend film challenge with an animation. Typically animation is much more labor-intensive than film and requires more time to produce. Eight students volunteered to take on the challenge of making an entire animation in the span of three days with no prior preparations. The rules of the Weekend film challenge stated that each group must use at some point in their film a predetermined character, prop, and line of dialogue created by the judges of the competition. In the end, the group was successful despite a few hiccups along the way and was able to make a final product.