The Juniors Get Jobs

During the spring semester, one of the most unique elements of the Ann Richards experience happens. Every student has the opportunity to participate in a week-long internship program. Each junior chooses 10 internships from their pathway to interview, and they research each internship opportunity to see what appeals to them. 

Despite the fact that some students don’t plan on pursuing a career in their pathway field, there are still great work experiences provided by the internship program.


“I’m really excited to have this work experience,” Annisa Adams (11) said. “I think it will be really helpful for college.” 

Depending on what students want to study in college and focus their careers on contributes to their internship decision. “ I’m hoping to go into pediatrics and either child development or sociology,” Haley McDowell (11) said. “I want to go into a hospital setting for my internship because that’s hopefully what I’m going to do my career on.”


One of the benefits of the ARS internship experience is that many students have gone on to be hired for summer internships, offered future jobs or receive valuable contacts.  “ I want to do film so that means I probably want to do the one that’s the most film related,” Jackie MacLean (11) said. “A lot of the media tech options are graphic design and there’s only one I actually see that’s a studio that I could work for and could get me connections.”


This semester the juniors started their STARS  class and so far it has been preparing them for their internships. To prepare they met with the admin to discuss how to dress for success. They also have a dress for success day where each junior dresses in professional attire to get ready for the upcoming internship interviews. STARS class will also teach the juniors interview techniques and hold a mock interview to practice what it will be like to interview for a job. 


Another component of the internships is that each junior will make a presentation to showcase their experience at their job at the end of the week-long internship.


 “I’m a little scared about the last day, apparently we have to present in front of teachers and the people who work at the company we’re at, so I’m a little scared but overall excited.”Adams said.