You and Your Agenda


Agendas, daily planners, weekly designers, and bullet journals are all ways people keep track of their tasks and organize their lives. In middle school, students are taught to write down homework for each class and mark important events in their calendar. This year is the first year at Ann Richards that the school hasn’t provided high school students with a school-issued agenda. 

“It was a little inconvenient because we are so used to getting one,” Mairany Serrano (10) said, “ but it was a growing opportunity to go out and find one that fits your style.”

Some students have said that going out to buy their own agenda has helped them keep up with writing in it. That extra level of work creates a connection between writer and journal

“The only agendas or journals I have kept up in my life were the ones I bought or ones I have put in the pages.” Audra Kelly (12) said, The school one wasn’t what I needed and it wasn’t how I wanted it to be formatted.”

By pushing students to buy their own agenda, they have the freedom to find something that reflects their personal style.

“The agenda I bought has a lot of art and a lot of stickers and it’s all rainbowy and each month has a different color,” Elena Guajardo (11) said, “I think this chaotic organization represents my personality.” 

Some students use bullet journaling as a daily planner. Bullet journals are blank pages allowing for students to draw and write their own designs. Traditionally, daily planner have pre created days allowing people to fill in their task as it comes

“I think bullet journaling is a really good way to personalize what you want out of the agenda.”Kelly said, “For mine I put in parts for weeks so then it’s also a really good way to keep track of everything and it is a creative outlet” 

The search for agendas, has taken students to local businesses outside of just relying on the school. 

“I found my agenda at ‘The Paper Place’ which is a local, woman-owned business by the north-central market” Guajardo said, “They have a lot of really cool pens, paper, and party supplies.”

More than paper and office supply stores, daily planner and journals can be found at a variety of markets. 

“There’s this really nice Japanese bookstore by my house” Claire Moore (9) said, “So I bought my journal there and I’ve been using it since last year.”

Although some were disappointed at the lack of agendas provided this year, it has encouraged students to go it into their local community and take personal responsibility to find an organization system that works for them

“Buying an agenda is a worthy investment and I think you should take time to find one that works for you and reflects you,” Guajardo said.