Minecraft is Back

This year gave way to many new trends along with the resurgence of some old ones, most notably Minecraft’s rise in popularity. This year Minecraft celebrated its tenth birthday and was listed as the most downloaded and played game in creation. Minecraft’s numbers outrank video games such as Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto V by a large margin. Minecraft has sold around 176 million copies with an additional 200 million downloads from Minecraft China, the free edition of Minecraft, whereas Grand Theft Auto V has only sold 110 million copies. Despite Minecraft’s recent comeback after 2015 the growth of the game was slowed. So what caused the so-called mass revitalization of Minecraft?


One explanation for the game’s boost in success is the nostalgia factor that is connected to many of the game’s player base. In the years 2012-14 Minecraft reached its peak in popularity and many of the more attached players to the game during this time were in the late years of elementary or in the early years of middle school. Now as many of the players head to college and near the end of their high school career, there is a desire to relive the days of their childhood. With the premise of the game still relatively the same besides a few new updates, it can provide a source of nostalgia, unlike rewatching a show or reading a book from one’s childhood. Minecraft offers gamers the ability to be transported back to the worlds they built and grew up in.


The nostalgia factor is not the only reason credited to the surge of Minecraft engagement over the past few months. Though the game has been gaining popularity in recent months, prior to this, it still had a steady monthly rate of 91 million players individuals playing a month compared to Fortnite’s 78 million players per month, so it was easy for Minecraft to rise back to the top of the most popular video games. The solid concept of the game is what has been so appealing to gamers because it truly is an experience like no other, boiling down to players choosing their own adventure.. The player base of Minecraft is vast and ranges from people ages 5 to 70 and it and be played on almost any gaming device or console. With the mass appeal of this game, it is no wonder it easily rose back to the top. 


These past months the google searches for Minecraft have risen 76% and the game has seen an average of 112 million players monthly, since its release in 2009, Minecraft has continued to grow in popularity. The concept of the game is unique to the majority of all other games on the market and its availability to players on almost all gaming platforms has contributed greatly to its success. Minecraft offers a unique escape for many people transitioning out of their teen years and into adulthood to be transported back to their younger days of playing hunger games and bed wars with their friends. The revitalization of this iconic video game should come as no surprise because frankly there is no other game in existence quite like Minecraft.