Letter From the Creative Writing Editor


Dear Readers, 

My name is Camille Pfister and I am the Creative Writing Editor for the Polaris Press. Every one of us has a different story to tell and have amazing talents that deserve a spotlight. Stories are the heartbeat of our lives, and it is my mission to showcase them. 

In our Creative Writing section, you will find poems, essays, memoirs, and more- all submitted by the teachers and students of Ann Richards. We hope to receive your work, as well as your peers. In addition to the works of writing, I also hope to showcase your artwork, whether that is painting, drawing, computer design, or photography. It is your chance to get your work published, to showcase your skills, stories, and truths, and potentially win contests and prizes. 

To submit, you can email me, Camille Pfister, at [email protected], or [email protected] I will review the pieces and email you if you were chosen to be a part of our paper. Most people get in, however if there is a surplus of submissions, not all can be included. If you are not included, please submit for the next print edition or online in between our papers. Be proud of your work! 

Our paper values showcasing a variety of opinions, content, and points of view and our primary goal is to celebrate our diverse and intelligent campus to the fullest extent that we can. If you feel that you have visuals, stories or ideas that further our mission; please submit! I hope that you enjoy the first Creative Writing section of this school year and that your amazing work can find a home here this year!. 

Yours Truly, 

Camille Pfister