Freshmen College Prep: A Look Into Some of the Freshmen Class’ Scholars


Turning their focus to the future, the freshmen class of 2022 are already preparing for their college career. Don’t be quick to judge; in transition from middle school to high school, the freshmen have been introduced to a new way of life comprised of respect, freedom, and responsibility, too. In comparison to their earlier years at school, these students have access to more opportunities for things like internships, studying abroad, and college programs than ever before, prepping their resumes to be spick and span for application time.

A new and popular program offered to high school students is NASCENT, a bioengineering program through The University of Texas at Austin. The program lasts six weeks during the summer and consists of nanotechnology research and studies. Freshman Monica Martinez applied and was accepted for an interview along with four other students who are waiting for a response. Though her pathway is Media Tech, she is curious to see what this more Engineering/Biomed- focused program has to offer.

“I just thought of it as a good idea, and kind of a way to branch out into what engineering is in the real world. I thought ‘Well, I’ve never really done that before,’ and I never really thought that I was smart enough to do it so I was like ‘Let’s just go for it, let’s apply and see what happens,” Martinez said. .

Another way Monica is already preparing for her future is by paying attention to the things going on around her at school and at home.

“All of my older siblings have been through the college process, and my older brother who is a senior is going through it right now. So I’m listening to what he’s doing and what’s going on like different courses, FAFSA, things like that to get into what it’s like and to know what going on,” said Martinez.

Monica Martinez, (9), Photo by Chloe Williams

Martinez isn’t the only one. Many people in the freshman class are taking getting a jumpstart towards their success in and after college. Some are prioritizing service to bulk up their resumes and college applications.

Another freshman taking initiative is Cedar Toavs. “I foster for the Austin Humane Society. Generally, I foster kittens and cats and I’ll take them to my house where I’m the primary care provider for them,” Toavs said. “I like that I get to hang out with animals all the time and I like being able to give back.” Toavs also is a minion in the library, helping her hours build up to 135 so far this year.

Cedar Toavs, (9), Photo by Chloe Williams

These two proactive students are only a glimpse of what the class of 2022 has to offer. The grade level has been proactive in preparing for college, and will continue to bulk up their experience as they continue through high school. The world should look forward to what these freshmen have in store for their futures.