Cornerstone Around the Corner


At Ann Richards, a major project for each pathway happens sophomore year, the Cornerstone. This semester-long assignment blends the subjects studied in each pathway during 9th and 10th grade, ranging from the principles of design to Adobe software to vital signs. This year, Biomed students in groups of 2-3 were prompted to cure a cellular disorder using nanotechnology. In Engineering each group has been tasked with developing an invention that will help society in some way. In Media Tech students, in pairs, will storyboard, script, and draw a two to three minute animation that tells an original story. Though many students are nervous about the Cornerstone project much of the sophomore class is excited to get started.

Noemi Nunez-Ruiz (10) is an Engineering student, and her group has decided to create something that would help to fix the common injuries that occur at parks and outdoor spaces.

“My group and I decided that we would create a first aid vending machine that would be placed in parks for anyone to use,” Nunez-Ruiz said.

With the intention of building a functioning vending machine, the group anticipates some obstacles. “Trying to figure out the challenges we might face such as building, finding the right materials, and maybe even coding will be tough,” Nunez-Ruiz said.

Even with these potential challenges in mind, Nunez-Ruiz’s group is still looking forward to many aspects of this project.  

“Getting to see all the creative ideas my peer come up with and getting to see how far they get in the short amount of time are things I look forward to seeing,” Nunez-Ruiz said.

In Media Tech, one group stays optimistic about Cornerstone despite its overall rigor. Kimberly Tamayo Hernandez (10) is a student in the Media Tech pathway who has a positive outlook on the upcoming months.

‘I’m excited because we get to come up with our own ideas and do it ourselves, it’s pretty independent,” Tamayo Hernandez said. While optimistic, she still has some concerns. “I can’t really draw and I get really frustrated when with myself sometimes and that can get me down, so that’s a big challenge for me,” Tamayo Hernandez said.