The Down Low: A One on One with an Online Sensation


One hot summer morning at band camp, the Ann Richards High School Band Director, Stephen Howard, was leading his students in a practice of the drill they had just learned for that season’s marching show. “It feels like it was just yesterday”, remarks one of the mysterious co-owners of the ARS-famed account, @arsbandmemes, whose anonymity is protected to maintain the purpose of the page. “The moment was so quick but had such a big impact. Mr. Howard made a dad joke to make light of how hot and miserable we were, suddenly- click- my mind had the idea,”.

At only 6 months old, @arsbandmemes has become impressively popular amongst the students at the Ann Richards School. Let’s see what else the creators have to say about the acclaimed meme page.

Being students themselves, the account owners struggle with balancing school and running a semi-famous account. “Honestly, we’ve had some trouble with it. We’ll go through ins and outs of posting and not posting all because of our schoolwork”, says another owner.

The owners did not expect to blow up as much they did, “We thought it was going to be an only-band/guard thing. If someone has a recognizable username, I’ll be like, ‘Oh dang, like you go here but you’re just following us because you think it’s funny’. Like, we just love hearing what people think about it”.

When asked why they keep their identities secret, and what it is like to have nobody know it was them, one answered, “It’s so funny. Like, to hear people talk about it in the halls and see their reactions like, ‘Oh that was so petty’, or like, ‘Oh my gosh that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen’, it’s really entertaining”. The other creator said, “My favorite part is going to band practice and hearing everyone talk about it, specifically certain sections and how they’re like really offended by it, but most everybody thinks that it’s funny”.

The @arsbandmemes team says that their biggest inspiration is Mr. Howard. With his endless dad jokes and meme references, it’s hard not to share them with everyone else. All in all, the students enjoy running the account, and they look forward to 2019 as it will be the one year anniversary of the Instagram page. We hope to see more memes from them in the near future.

Art by Chloe Williams