Thesis Triumph : Media Tech seniors explain thesis projects


For the Media Technology pathway senior thesis, students can create a narrative film or a traditional animation. These are projects that they’ve done in previous years in groups, Media Tech students creating animations for their Cornerstones, documentaries during junior year and narrative films in senior year.. Usually, students each direct a narrative film instead of traditional animation. In previous years, there have only been two senior to choose to do traditional animation for their senior thesis. This year, it went up with a total of four students.

Traditional animation is an animation technique where you are having to draw each frame by hand, 12 drawings for a single second. Narrative film is a live-action fictional film that you shoot with a Black Magic camera. Traditional animation is more time-consuming than making a narrative film because of how much work is needed to complete one. We interviewed three of the four students that finished a traditional animation about how they came up with their story, what their film is about, and the final product.


The Cheesy Adventures of Space Kid : Isabella Baladez (12)

“The process of coming up with a story didn’t take that long as I thought it would. I came up with this story relatively quickly because I was just throwing around ideas. I wanted it to be lighthearted and funny because I knew that the other ones were like going to be more serious and I didn’t want to go that route. I made an animation about an astronaut who goes up to space and when going out of his spaceship he gets stranded and has to find a way back to his spaceship. I’m actually really proud of how it turned out, it was a very long time coming, and I couldn’t have done it without a lot of help, especially Mr. Soden. I’m really proud of my product and I’m happy with what I’m sending off to UIL.”  

Wish Delivery : Maddie Irwin (12)

“This project was a lot of researching. Brainstorming was very difficult. I spent half of the summer just trying to come up with an idea, it had started really stupid but then it evolved as I was making it, and even when I was putting it together at the end the ending of the story changed. My animation is about a young girl who spends her time catching fallen stars in the open countryside to send off to kids who live in the midst of cities hazy and polluted skies. A young astronomer who receives one of these finds that her wish to see a starry night comes true. Seeing the final product was very rewarding, because I literally worked for half of the summer and then all of first semester on this project, and it was the hardest project I’ve ever worked on.”

Sundown : Sammie Seamon (12)

“It took me a long time to come up with a story. I remember spending a long time in June just trying out different ideas and typing them out in a Google document. I wasn’t super happy with the story and I’m still not, but I just wanted to choose something that was going to be visually appealing. I mostly chose it off aesthetics and not really about how good the story was. My story is about a boy who skates through a town and he gets to the edge of the town and he climbs a hill and he touches a butterfly and then the butterfly flies into the air and turns into a star and then all these butterflies come in and turn into stars. The whole idea is that the boy is like a God that makes the night come about. I’m really proud of finishing it, I’m proud of all the hours I put into it and all the work. I wish I had done some things differently, there’s some parts about it that I’m not happy with, but I’m just glad it’s done.”

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