Welcome to the New Year!- A Letter from Your CW Editors


Art by Angelina Beare Castillo.

Dear Reader,

Hello! We are Camille Pfister and Olubunmi Oni, your Polaris Press Creative Writing Editors. It is our mission to create a solid Creative Writing platform on our website and paper that displays creative pieces from the staff and the student body.

In this section, you will find creative pieces of all types submitted by your peers. We hope to publish your amazing work, including artwork, photography, poetry, short stories, or any other creative project you’re proud of. Feel free to also submit creative pieces from your English classes!

You can email Bunmi and Camille with your submissions and we will review them and email you back if your work has been chosen for the paper. Each paper will have a new theme, which will be announced periodically if you would like to cater your piece to the theme. Most people will be chosen, but if there is a surplus of submissions, we can only pick so many. Feel free to submit any pieces that aren’t initially selected for another edition or to the website in between the print editions.

We hope you choose to submit your wonderful pieces to the Polaris Press Creative Writing section.

Thank you and have a great year,

Olubunmi Oni and Camille Pfister