Music Forecast: Three playlists that correlate with the time and weather


Ever listen to the wrong song on a rainy day, or turn on the radio and hear a song that just doesn’t fit in with the weather or time of day? Check out these newly released tunes whenever you need a playlist that fits in with your daily routine. Be sure to look on the Polaris Press’ Spotify to find these playlists and more!




Finesse – Burno Mars

This is the perfect song to start your day with. Bruno Mars sings about his self-confidence in this smooth, pop hit, completed with harmonies and high notes.

Honey – Kehlani

Honey takes a romantic approach when it comes to Kehlani’s music, it being much slower and kinder than her other songs. The soft guitar riffs completed with her light voice will make you feel as if you’re sitting on a patch of green grass.

Supernatural – Borns

Borns recently returned with his new album, Blue Madonna, ,with amazing songs including Supernatural”. The heavy bass and electronic riff will remind you of the Stranger Things theme song, only to be followed by Borns’ powerful vocals.

Gooey – Glass Animals

The sun is in your eyes and your skin feels like gold. This is what you feel when you listen to Gooey, as well as the rest of the album. Perfect for a day out.

Bloom – bLAck pARty

bLAck pARty sings of flowers in the spring, great for our upcoming weather. Listen to this while taking a stroll outside.

Talk Too Much – COIN

Another classic tune you’ll hear yourself singing on a sunny afternoon. This alternative rock song is one you and your friends can dance to anytime during your day!

New Love – Dua Lipa

This one isn’t as upbeat as the rest, but it’s echo-y sound and drum beat is perfect for a car ride with friends, letting the sun shine and the wind blow.




It’s You – Borns

Originally by Zayn Malik, It’s You takes a slower, gentler approach by Borns. This is definitely the song to play while you stare dramatically out the window, watching the rain pour.

Nikes – Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean sings in a distorted voice with calm music in the background. This song is not only catchy, but fun to listen to as you spend a rainy day inside.

Notion – Tash Sultana

When you think of “chill songs,” this should be number one on your list. Tash Sultana plays her guitar in a stunning, unique way. Sultana interrupts her thoughts in such a reflective way, giving this slow jam purpose.

Controlla – Drake

Controlla features hip beats and thoughtful lyrics crafted for you to listen to even in the slightest drizzle. This rap song manages to find a way to be chill and fire at the same time!

Joanne – Lady Gaga

If you like listening to sad songs while it rains, then you’re in luck. This acoustic song features Lady Gaga’s stunning vocals to make for a gentle tune to listen for cloudy days.

Those Things – Odysse

Listen to this jazzy instrumental tune for instant relaxation on your favorite rainy day.



LOVE. -Kendrick Lamar ft. Zacari

Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. took a more steady approach to his powerful music. This echo-y tune provides deep reflection of your surrounding love ones and what it means to be human. If you want to get existential, this is for you!

Love Drought – Beyonce

This is one of Beyonce’s most meaningful, gentle songs. While her album Lemonade had many heartfelt tunes, Love Drought is the best song to play while laying in bed, or watching the clouds.

Cherry Hill – Russ

Russ sets the tone for the evening with this romantic hit. It’s slow, it’s lovey-dovey, and it’s modern. The song title was inspired by a hill at Central Park, where Russ brought a girl after their date.

Love Galore -SZA

Love Galore is one of SZA’s most notable songs, featuring rapper Travis Scott. You can’t go a fun night without hearing this song on the radio or at a party.

Losin Control – Russ

This is a song for those romantic RNB lovers out there. Russ, an up and coming rapper, sings to a insecure girl afraid to fall in love. It’s just the right tune to watch the clouds roll.

Sunset – eery

This instrumental tune is perfect for a cloudy car ride home. Completed with electronic drums and a piano melody, eery perfectly captures love at first sight without saying anything.

Gold – Chet Faker

To sum it up, this song is Gold. Chet Faker’s vocals never fail to impress, especially with this tune. It makes for a perfect song to dance, cry, or sleep to.